Corinne Sublette

Corinne Sublette

Program Support Coordinator


B.A., Western Colorado University, History, 2020


In May of 2020, I graduated from Western with a bachelor’s in History and a double minor in Philosophy and Art. Aside from being the new Program Support Coordinator for the Graduate Program in Creative Writing, I am also the registrar for the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum. At the museum I get to practice my history background and delve into the past through researching artifacts, creating exhibitions, participating in storytelling and writing museum collection’s ethics, conservation, cataloging, property law, accessioning and deaccessioning policy.

In my personal life I am a mother to a wonderful little boy, Winter Tine Scott—he is two and a half years old—and a wife to Two Stars Scott, an exceptionally witty creative human. Two Stars and Winter are both Gunnison Valley natives and I myself have lived here in this high desert tundra for a little over thirteen years. Originally, I hail from San Jose, California.

I am so pleased and grateful to be working with the Graduate Program in Creative Writing. Working for Western has been an aspiration of mine since my arrival in the Gunnison Valley and I look forward to all that there is to experience and learn from my position. The Graduate Program in Creative Writing appears to be a unique program in the Graduate world, one with inclusivity, accessibility and inventiveness in mind.