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Our Leadership

Western Colorado University follows the model of shared governance, which includes the Board of Trustees, administration and faculty in decision-making and university strategy. The three branches of Western Colorado University’s leadership, along with community members, guide the University’s Strategic Plan.

Portrait of Dr. Greg Salsbury

Greg Salsbury


Dr. Greg Salsbury was appointed by the Western Colorado University Board of Trustees as the fourteenth President of the University in April 2014. Since his arrival at the helm of this small, liberal-arts-focused university, he increased overall enrollment at a rate faster than any other four-year institution in the state. In 2018, he secured the […]

Jeremy Muskat

Jeremy Muskat

Faculty Senate Chair

Western alumnus Jeremy Muskat, Ph.D. has been teaching mathematics at Western since 2007. He is a number theorist, and his area of mathematics has many applications in the field of cryptology. Over the years he has become fascinated with how the world secures our internet communication and continues to research this popular area of mathematics. […]


Christian W. Blees

Appointed December 2015 • Term expires 2023

Chris Blees graduated from Western with a B.A. in Accounting and Recreation & Outdoor Education in 1994. Blees currently serves as President and CEO of BiggsKofford Certified Public Accountants and BiggsKofford Capital Investment Bank, both located in Colorado Springs.