Safety & Security

Providing a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Our Mission

The mission of the Western Colorado University Campus Security Services is to help provide a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. This is accomplished through a community-friendly approach, visibility of security personnel, 24-hour accessibility, roving patrols and cooperation with all local emergency agencies.

Campus Security Department Jurisdiction

Western Campus Security Services is not a law enforcement agency. The primary jurisdiction of the Western campus lies under the authority of the Gunnison Police Department. As a public institution, Western is bound to uphold all Federal and State laws. University security guards do not have arrest powers, law enforcement efforts are performed in conjunction with municipal, county, state and federal agencies as appropriate.

Roles of Campus Security

  • Assist the Gunnison Police Department in providing a safe and secure campus environment.
  • Co-manage the Western Emergency Operations Plan and operationalize when appropriate.
  • Interpret, provide revision, communicate, and enforce University policies.
  • Support all departments of the Western campus community.
  • Support all local law enforcement and emergency management.
  • Investigate, assess, and respond to campus incident scenes.
  • Prepare detailed reports and submit work orders after incidents and, when possible, perform minor maintenance repairs and custodial duties.
  • Provide security for the Western infrastructure.
  • Provide on-campus safety escorts for students, faculty and staff.

Western Security Services Contact Policy

All non-emergency campus crimes, other than low level cooperative under age alcohol pour-outs, are to be reported to Western Campus Security Services. Contact the Campus Security office at 970.943.3084 or the Campus Security duty cell phone at 970.209.1020. In the case there is no guard on duty contact the Campus Security emergency cell phone at 970.209.8798. The Campus Security representative will contact the Gunnison Police Department if needed and document the incident.

Procedures for Reporting Crime on Campus

Western uses the 911 system. For all campus emergencies or to report an emergency in relation to a campus crime, immediately call 911. This service is available on a 24-hour basis. Non-emergency crimes may also be reported to the Gunnison Dispatch who will in turn provide contact to the Gunnison Police Department.

For information on Sex Offender Registration information, please visit the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s Convicted Sex Offender site at

Campus Security Department Documentation

Western Campus Security maintains a daily security log that records all campus crimes and security related issues.

Additional Resources

Emergency Guide

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Emergency Notification System

In fall 2010, Western implemented Rave Mobile Safety as our primary emergency notification system. This system has had tremendous success across the country.

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Operations Plan

The Emergency Operations Plan is a basic guide for providing a response by Western Colorado University staff, faculty and administrators to major emergencies occurring on Western property.

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Parking Policy

The intent of these regulations is to protect the health, safety and property of everyone on campus and to provide access for fire and emergency equipment.

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Safe Walk Program

These tips will serve to enhance your safety whether on or off campus. Consider the following suggestions in your day-to-day activities.

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See a list of various security and safety policy reports.

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