Student Life

An extraordinary place to live and learn.

At Western, you’ll receive more than just an excellent academic experience. You’ll have the unique opportunity to pursue your personal and professional passions in an inclusive and supportive campus community. Living in Gunnison means you’re never far from world-class adventures—from mountain biking, climbing and rafting in the summer—to skiing and snowboarding in the winter. We know that you’ll enjoy all that our beautiful campus and community have to offer.

Residence Life & Housing

Not just a place to live, a place to thrive.

At Western, we prioritize our students’ well-being by creating safe and inclusive living environments that foster academic growth and personal success. Through a curriculum model, we cultivate responsible, empowered and actively engaged members of Western’s inclusive community.

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Making connections

We’ve designed our residence halls and campus amenities to be welcoming and supportive spaces where students flourish.

Campus Recreation

There’s no better place than Western to stay active.

Whether you want to work out, cheer on your fellow Mountaineers from the student section or get competitive on the field, we have a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities to support your active lifestyle. You can also rent gear from Wilderness Pursuits for your next adventure, go for a run on the highest indoor collegiate track in the United States or join an intramural sports team to get engaged and stay active.

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Climbing higher

Our facilities include a state-of-the-art exercise and wellness center, a climbing wall and a pool with a diving board, rope swing and hot tub.

Health & Wellness

We take a holistic approach to wellness.

We realize that health and wellness are essential to your academic, personal and professional success. Western’s Student Health & Wellness Office provides resources, education, assessment, formalized trainings, engagement opportunities and peer support to those in need. Our institutional prevention education program takes a holistic approach to wellness and utilizes both primary prevention and risk reduction strategies.

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Places to unwind

Our beautiful outdoor spaces are made for gathering with friends to study and relax.

Campus Safety

Your safety and security are our top priority.

At Western, our biggest priority is the health and security of our students, staff, faculty and visitors. Our Campus Security Services are here to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe throughout your time at Western. This is accomplished through a community-friendly approach, visibility of security personnel, 24-hour accessibility, roving patrols and cooperation with all local emergency agencies.

Growing together

From our world-class academic buildings, residence halls and recreational facilities—to our beautifully maintained campus—our students love living and learning at Western.

EPIC Mentorship Program

Connect with experienced peers.

As an incoming student, you’ll be paired with an Experienced Peers Initiating Connections (EPIC) Mentor to guide you through summer and your first year at Western. These students are upperclassmen who are empowered to provide you with the resources you need to connect with campus and community in Gunnison. Once you’re settled, your EPIC Mentor will be there to answer any questions that you have and connect you with the resources and advocacy necessary for success.

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Making connections

Each incoming student is paired with an Experienced Peers Initiating Connections (EPIC) Mentor to guide them through their first year at Western.

LEAD: Leadership, Engagement and Development

Becoming stronger leaders through community engagement.

The LEAD Office offers leadership development opportunities, engaging students both on campus and within local communities to foster academic, emotional, spiritual and career-related growth. Leadership and service opportunities cultivate the transition from students to future leaders at Western, the Gunnison community and beyond.

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Leading by example

Leadership and service opportunities encourage the development of student leadership potential and help provide future leadership for Western and the Gunnison community.

Multicultural Center

Western is a place where everyone belongs.

Located in the University Center at the heart of campus, the Multicultural Center celebrates the diversity of people in and around the Gunnison community and helps students develop culturally, personally and academically. It is a place where members—regardless of age, ethnicity or gender—feel welcomed and encouraged to participate in any of our diverse range of clubs.

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Celebrating cultures

A group of students perform a traditional women’s dance at the APIC Luau held in the University Center Ballroom.

Student Affairs

We are committed to working with students, faculty and staff to build an open, inclusive, intellectual and multicultural community.

You’ll find support and assistance with your academic work and as you seek co-curricular activities. We urge you to enrich your classroom experience by joining one of the clubs or activities offered through the Student Government Association, Intramural Sports, Club Sports, Wilderness Pursuits, the Fitness Center or any of our other activities that interest you.

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The Office of Student Affairs exists to support to students, as well as their friends and family, in times of crisis. This may include referral for academic and personal problems, crisis outreach or helping a student feel supported in the university environment. Our goal is to provide caring services to students in to assist them during times of need.

The programs offered through Campus Life give students the chance to join activities involving their academic, emotional, physical, spiritual or career-related development.

  • Assistance or referrals regarding university policies, procedures, and regulations.
  • Assistance in resolving student-based problems and conflicts.
  • Neutral and impartial listener—emphasis on resolving issues informally or through mediation.
  • Helps promote fair and equitable treatment at Western Colorado University.