Supported Computing Hardware

Supported Computing Hardware

Inclusion in this list does not imply the University will necessarily provide said hardware, only that we will provide support for the models listed.


Laptops: (Laptops used as a desktop replacement must be purchased with a docking station)

  • Dell Latitude Series
  • Apple Macbook Pro


  • Dell Optiplex Series
  • Apple iMac


Canon Copiers/Multifunction office machines (leased from BOSS)

  • When possible all functions of the Canon Copiers (printing, scanning, faxing) should be enabled and used.  IT Services will assist BOSS with setting up these services.  Please note that BOSS provides service to their machines.

Black & White (8.5/11):

  • HP LaserJets
  • Please call IT Services for assistance in purchasing a new printer or if you have questions about your current printer.


  • HP Color LaserJet
  • Please call IT Services for assistance in purchasing a new color printer or if you have questions about your current printer.

Handheld Devices

Cell Phones

Eligibility Policy

In order to receive a University owned cell phone, positions must meet the following criteria:
(PLEASE NOTE: iPhones can be checked out from IT Services.)

For Standard Cell (voice & text)

  • Positions which require emergent response, often 24×7 (e.g. Facilities, Security).
  • Positions where real-time, mobile communication is required to carry out job responsibilities (e.g. Facilities, IT Services, Residence Life, Admissions).

For Smart Phone (data services)

  • Positions that require urgent, 24×7 access to online information, email, calendaring and the ability to read and edit documents (e.g. Cabinet, Marketing).
  • Positions for which travel is a significant portion of job responsibilities (e.g. Admissions)

Cell Phone Support Policy

  • All phones
    • Phones must be purchased through IT Services through the current cell carrier contract (AT&T).
    • Individual departments are responsible for the initial cost (if any) of the device and accessories (cases, spare chargers, etc.) and all ongoing monthly services fees (cross charged, contact IT Services for current costs).
    • Individual departments are responsible for replacing phones that are lost, stolen or broken.
    • IT Services is responsible for the initial configuration of the device.
  • Smart Phones (iPhone)
    • IT Services will walk through the initial configuration and connection to University services and discuss recommended settings and options and install any standard ‘apps’.
    • IT Services is responsible for the purchase and installation of any ‘apps’ intended for work purposes.
    • All iPhones will be connected to the Universities’ Exchange Server via ActiveSync. This will synchronize your email, contacts and calendar with your Outlook account. This will also allow IT Services to remotely wipe University data from the phone in the event the phone is lost or stolen.
    • All iPhones must have a Passcode Lock enabled.
    • IT Services is only responsible for official ‘apps’ and connectivity to Exchange services, all other data stored on the iPhone (eg. pictures, etc) is outside the scope of our support

**If your University phone is lost or stolen, contact IT Services as soon as possible.**


  • Tablet devices (iPad, Android devices, etc.) purchased by the institution are supported by IT Services. New devices must be delivered to IT Services for configuration for use in the campus computing environment.  All tablet devices must be secured with a PIN or password.
  • Purchases of tablet devices will only be authorized for specific classroom and teaching use.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Tablets can be checked out from IT Services.

Not listed?

If the hardware device you require is not listed, please contact IT Services for assistance