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Colorado Gov. announces scholarships for Outdoor Industry MBA students

Colorado Gov. announces scholarships for Outdoor Industry MBA students

“This degree strengthens the talent pipeline for Colorado’s outdoor industry,” Hickenlooper said in a press release. “Scholarships like these will increase access for those students who want to make their career in outdoor recreation and possibly start a business of their own. We hope to see these scholarships continue.”

Western’s Outdoor Industry MBA is the first of its kind in the country. According to the Governor’s Office, the outdoor industry plays a significant role in Colorado’s economy, bringing in more than $28 billion in consumer spending, more than $4 billion in wages and salaries, more than $994 million in state and local tax revenue, and 350,000 jobs to our state. The two-year, online program includes an MBA core as well as specialized tracks for either the product or service side of the industry.

“These scholarships provide the critical access for individuals interested in contributing to Colorado’s vibrant outdoor recreation industry but lack the resources to do so,” said Luis Benitez, director of the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office. “Colorado is a leader in the outdoor industry in so many ways. Cultivating inclusive and diverse talent applicants to this MBA degree is one more way we can contribute to the outdoor industry that really defines our state.”

The scholarships are open to all Colorado residents. Western is committed to a diverse student body and financial need will be considered.