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Special Education Graduate Programs at Western

Special education graduate programs: student displays children's book

Looking for a rewarding career in education? Then check out the special education graduate programs at Western Colorado University to enhance opportunities for students. An M.A. in Special Education equips graduates of the program to engage with special education students with confidence. The tools from the best special education graduate programs provide the interpersonal and technical skills to tailor a lesson to a student’s needs.

The best special education graduate programs reinforce the power of collaboration and teamwork. You work with others in the special education graduate programs online or in person to build the skills necessary to engage with the students and their families. Western can equip you to specialize in early childhood special education graduate programs by structuring a customized route for your career goals. The degree program focuses on the differences, not the deficits, of students to enable teachers to work with students of varying needs.

Special Education Graduate Programs Online

Special education graduate programs online: student and teacher in front of a computer

Life can become strenuous and busy, and it can be challenging to manage a master’s program. Luckily, Western offers special education graduate programs online to accommodate your schedule. The fully remote special education program is grounded in the Colorado state standards for special education. While embarking on the journey of the program, you can:

  • Work at your own pace
  • Complete your degree from anywhere
  • Work full-time and study
  • Build connections with graduates and professors

The special education graduate programs online track ensures your educational value is the same as if you were physically in a classroom. You have the freedom to engage with the program at your own pace and could choose to specialize in early childhood special education graduate programs. Western provides the benefits of going to college through the means of education and connections to help their students succeed.

Best Special Education Graduate Programs

As one of the best special education graduate programs, Western engages with graduate students in ways to test their skills and gain confidence in the field. The characteristics of compassion, loyalty, and passion create successful careers in special education, and that is what is required for early childhood special education graduate programs. A master’s in special education from Western provides:

Individualized Training

Early childhood special education graduate programs: students engaging in an activity during class

Teaching in the field of special education requires a unique skill set. Graduate students will be tasked with courses aimed at training to navigate the educational, ethical, planning, critical thinking, and inclusivity mindsets to be effective teachers. These baseline skills are crucial for anyone pursuing a career in special education. The program also allows students to customize their courses to ascertain the specializations they desire. For example, you can tailor your degree to align with early childhood special education graduate programs.

The program prepares students to meet the standards for the state of Colorado for Colorado Special Education Generalist Standards, Special Education Professionalism Standards, Culturally-Linguistically Diverse Teacher Standards, and Teacher Quality Standards. The capstone component of the program immerses you in the special education field. Students work in local schools to work with a range of students. This helps students understand the appropriate way to provide the highest quality of education.

Holistic Mindset

The program emphasizes the in-classroom teaching aspect of special education, as well as the philosophical, legal, and research environment surrounding the field. It is crucial for teachers to have the skills to teach students with varying disabilities, but also understand other avenues connected to the field. These studies help take a deeper look at “the why” to better navigate scenarios that arise in this career path.

Career Opportunities

Western’s special education graduates have a wide range of career options to explore. The majority of graduates proceed to careers in teaching K-12. Others pursue careers in education administration, as elementary and secondary school administrators, school principals, assistant school principals, and administrative positions. Graduates take their skills into vocational and professional instruction to provide more specialized tutoring for a variety of students. Another career path that approximately 17% of graduates pursue is instructional and curriculum design.

Experience with Renowned Professionals

The education department and special education program have many professors, lecturers, and faculty that act as exceptional resources for the students. They advise you through selecting the right courses to get the most from the early childhood special education graduate programs. Through every step of the program Western’s faculty members provide the necessary information and a checklist of expectations and requirements to succeed.

The faculty works with students every step of the way to ensure mastery and expertise. The variety and experience of professors set the program apart as one of the best early childhood special education graduate programs. Each faculty member aims to share their knowledge and proficiency to provide students with resources to improve their skills.

Next Steps

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Western provides students with a unique experience in and outside the classroom. The courses and programs challenge students to think critically and adapt to any educational environment. You will walk away from Western with the confidence and knowledge to tackle any career path. The skills and connections you foster are unmatched and prepare you for success. Outside the classroom, you can enjoy the stunning scenery as you explore the best things to do in western Colorado.

Get involved with the community by exploring the student life on and off campus to utilize your surroundings. Find the best restaurants Gunnison has to offer while walking through the mountain town and join the clubs and sports teams to challenge yourself inside and outside the classroom.

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