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Colleges for Business Degrees: Benefits of a BA from Western

colleges for business degrees

The best colleges for business degrees provide a comprehensive, hands-on education that prepares you for a wide range of careers. Business has long been one of the most popular majors for students. In fact, during the 2018 – 2019 school year, one in five undergraduates had business majors. When you look at what a business degree can do for your career, that statistic makes a lot of sense. A well-rounded business major from one of the best colleges for business degrees can jump-start your career with hands-on learning experiences and a wide variety of studies. Marketing, communications, accounting, sales, and entrepreneurship are just a few examples of what successful business education should entail.

Colleges for Business Degrees: Programs Offered

Western offers several types of hands-on, exciting business bachelor of art degrees. Our programs provide a comprehensive look at the global marketplace, building a solid educational foundation that looks at all aspects of a business. From applying communication skills to learning marketing strategies, our degrees create well-rounded students with lots of experience so they can launch confidently into their dream careers. Below, we’ll cover all the Western business areas of study and what makes our programs unique and competitive.

Western’s Business Areas of Study

As one of the best colleges for business degrees, Western has a long list of incredible areas of study for those interested in pursuing a business-related career. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the business degrees we offer:

Accounting Major and Minor
Business Administration Major and Minor
Business Administration and Environment & Sustainability Major
Business Analytics Minor
Business Law Minor
Economic Major, Minor, and Secondary Licensure
Energy Management Minor and Emphasis
Finance Emphasis
Financial Analysis Emphasis
Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) Minor and Emphasis
Latin American Business Emphasis
Management Emphasis
Marketing Emphasis
Outdoor Industry MBA
Outdoor Industry MBA 3+2 Accelerated Degree Programs
Professional Accounting (CPA) Emphasis
Resort Management Emphasis
Sales Minor

All these educational focuses are exciting and informative for anyone looking to start a career in business. However, several of these programs have earned national recognition thanks to our proximity to the Rocky Mountains. We encourage you to research all these majors, but below are some of the most popular programs:

Energy Management

Hoping to start a career in energy production, oil and gas, energy trading, or sustainability? In that case, Energy Management is a great option. As you follow this program, you’ll learn how to help businesses become more energy-efficient and sustainable. It also covers the disciplines of renewable, oil and gas, and mineral management. The Energy Management program is accredited by the The American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL), and Mountaineers have earned several awards through the organization’s opportunities.

A great benefit of this specific program is participation in the Western Energy Management Student Association. When you sign up for this program, you gain instant access to the association, which means you can attend informative networking events and industry conferences. Energy Management students also take several field trips where they get hands-on experience installing renewable forms of energy, exploring mines, and visiting oil and gas production sites.

Energy Management Landman Program

Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E)

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) emphasis or minor equips you to become a strategic thinker and business leader. You’ll learn about cutting-edge innovation to problem-solving techniques. From there, you’ll be able to tackle any commercial, social, and environmental challenges that come your way.

The best part about this program? Before you graduate, you can dream up, organize, and start your own company as an ICE project. With the guidance of professors at Western, you’ll work with customers, partners, and competitors to build a business. You’ll also get access to the ICEstation, a student-run space that prototypes any materials you can dream up. The I&E minor and emphasis build on your education and set you up for success as an entrepreneur.

Latin American Business

Do you want to apply your business degree to global issues and other cultures? Look no further than the Latin American Business degree. This program effortlessly pairs business education with the Spanish language and cultures. You learn how to work within the constantly changing relationship between the United States and Latin America through a mixture of business, economics, history, and Spanish courses. Even better, if you want to expand to other areas of Latin American culture, this degree gives you the foundation to apply what you learn to other regions and languages.

latin american colleges for business degree

Outdoor Industry

Are you looking to continue your education and career past a Bachelor of Arts in business? Our Outdoor Industry MBA is extremely popular and successful. This two-year program includes an MBA core and specialized tracks for products or services. If you have a busy schedule, we accommodate that with evening and online courses.

Like how Resort Management offers unique opportunities thanks to our proximity to ski resorts, the Outdoor Industry program excels with our location next to the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. You gain a lot of hands-on experience with sustainable outdoor product development and material sourcing, supply chain and logistics in the outdoor industry, sustainable finance, and more. Plus, you learn in the great outdoors. Have fun furthering your education and careers while hiking, white water rafting, and exploring the Rocky Mountains.

Resort Management

Are you hoping to build a career working at and growing resorts? Resort Management creates a foundation to find success at any location you choose. Our program takes a detailed look at essential topics such as food and beverage management, lodging operations, hospitality law and risk management, and more. You’ll be ready to analyze occupancy trends, track an organization’s carbon footprint, plan guest activities, and close any sale that comes your way after majoring in this program.

Western‘s campus has access to several top-rated ski resorts. Not only is this a blast for students enjoying their time off on the slopes, but it’s also beneficial for those hoping to make their career in resort management. We partner with these locations, including more across the nation and the world, to give our students hands-on experience managing resorts, so you feel confident to start your career.

Resort Management

Prepare for Your Career in Business

If you’re a future business student looking for the best colleges for business degrees, be sure to check out the programs available at Western. Our wide variety of business degrees offers a place to forge a path in business, while pursuing your interests.

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