Welcome to Pinnacles Apartments

Not only are the Pinnacles Apartments Western’s newest addition to our residence halls, they are also named after a geologic structure located northwest of town. Towering four-stories high, the Pinnacles are the tallest buildings in the town of Gunnison. Each apartment has a full kitchen and spacious common room. The building itself also has an abundance of common space including lounges, study rooms and a greenhouse.


*site specific amenities in addition to general amenities available to all guests.

  • Common lounge
  • Various study rooms
  • Laundry services
  • Kitchen

Pinnacle Apartments


  • Room: Rooms vary in size from 225 sq ft – 255 sq ft
  • Bed: Full sized bed, 1 ft off ground (adjustable)
  • Desk: 2 ft 5 in tall, 3 ft 6 in wide, 2 ft long
  • Closet: Closets vary in size
  • Dresser: 2 ft 5 in tall, 2 ft 5 in wide, 1 ft 7 in long