Graduate Program in Creative Writing

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Scholarships & Financial Aid


The GPCW is deeply committed to raising funds to support our students. Each year we offer substantial direct-funding scholarships, including Merit Scholarships, Horizons Scholarships, Bridge Scholarships, Continuing Student Scholarships, and Second Concentration Scholarships.

The GPCW is currently offering several scholarships for new, full-time MFA / M.A. students who enroll for the next academic year. Scholarships range from $2,000/yr. to $5,000/yr., depending on available funding.

Applicants may fill out the scholarship application at the same time as they complete the application for admission. Scholarship applications will be considered only after a student has been admitted to the program. Please note that once you register, these scholarships are not refundable. Should you withdraw from the program or fall below full-time enrollment, your scholarship will be forfeited.

Scholarship Application

Financial Aid

Students in good standing may apply for Federal Stafford loans, which are available for up to $20,500 for each year of attendance. Students must complete the FAFSA application each year with the Student Financial Services office to determine eligibility.

Graduate students are NOT eligible for the Colorado Opportunity Fund (COF).

Students who wish to attend part-time, or who need to take a reduced course load for a semester, may do so and retain their financial aid, as long as they enroll in a minimum of 4.5 credit hours for any semester of attendance.

For more information, visit Western’s Financial Aid Information page.