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Publications in the Creative Writing Graduate Program

Explore the publications below to discover the depth and breadth of Western’s Graduate Program in Creative Writing.

Student-Published Editions and Anthologies

Each year students in the Publishing concentration release beautiful new editions of classic works that are in the public domain or that they otherwise acquire the rights to. Students also work together to publish a short-story anthology on a different theme each year. All profits from the sales of these books are applied to funding future years’ Publishing projects.

Cover of a book with a man's profile silhouetted inside the silhouette of a women's profile
The Best of Mary Diana Dodds

Student Editor: Anna Stileski

Description: Delve into the works and mystery of an LGBTQ+ author whom historians are still trying to unravel over 200 years later. Previously known only as a quiet but intelligent wallflower friend of renowned author Mary Shelley, Mary Diana Dodds is far from an ordinary 1700s daughter of an Earl.

Cover of a book titled, "Carmilla" Carmilla

Student Editor: Savannah Stuttgen

Description: The cult classic that inspired Dracula!

A book cover with a masquerade-style mask The Elusive Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy 

Student Editor: Aisley Milner

Description: Baroness Emma Orczy brings us the third thrilling installment in her iconic adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel, pitting Sir Percy against the wily Chauvelin once again in a battle of wit and cunning that stands between thousands of innocent lives and the ignominious the bite of Madame Guillotine

Cover of a book with a variety of fungi, insects and ferns  

The King of Elfland’s Daughter by Lord Dunsany 

Student Editor: Mandy Holley

Description: Considered formative to the development of the fairy tale and high fantasy subgenres, The King of Elfland’s Daughter follows Alveric, who leaves home on a quest with a few basic instructions: locate the Princess Lirazel in Elfland, convince her to return to Erl and marry him, and together produce the first magical Lord of Erl. But what happens when a village gets exactly what it asked for?

Cover of a book with a white castle The Lair of the White Worm by Bram Stoker  

Student Editor: Lia Wu

Description: From Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, and published only a year before his death, The Lair of the White Worm was heavily abridged and republished in 1925, leaving readers and critics alike dissatisfied and disappointed. Return now to the original, restored version of the text and explore the world of mesmerism and mystery as Bram Stoker intended.

Cover of a book featuring a large green snake Loki: The Mischief Behind the Legend by Padraic Colum 

Student Editor: Amy Michelle Carpenter

Description: From Padriac Colum, three-time Newbery honor winner, comes this delightful collection of some of the greatest myths ever told, highlighting Loki’s grand adventures.

Cover of a book featuring a green and black grim reaper A Northanger Abbey Double-Feature: The Castle of Wolfenback, and The Necromancer

Student Editor: Ann-Marie Hormeku

Description: For fans of Jane Austen—A Northanger Abbey Double Feature!

In Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey, the main character, Catherine, receives a reading list of gothic novels. Once thought to be fabricated by Austen, these novels were rediscovered in the 1920s and are now referred to as the “Northanger Horrid Novels.” Two of the Northanger Horrid Novels, The Castle of Wolfenbach and The Necromancer, are presented here as a Northanger Double Feature.

Cover of a Book titled, "Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc" with a golden fleur de lis Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc by Mark Twain

Student Editor: Michele Harper

She saved France when she was fourteen… She was burned at the stake for her efforts… Meet the girl who captured Mark Twain’s heart.

Cover of a book with a ghostly figure in a forest Selected Ghost Stories from Kwaidan by Lafcadio Hearn

Student Editor: C.J. Anaya

Description: Lafcadio Hearn’s ghost stories have become a fixture in the world of Japanese lore and superstition, offering us an eerie taste of what goes bump in the night. These classic tales celebrating Japanese culture are far different from our modern-day horror stories. Whether you’re in the mood for phantoms, demons, ghouls, or ghosts, these otherworldly tales will haunt you long after you’ve finished reading.

Cover of a book with three books title "Weird Tales" Weird Tales: Best of the Early Years 1923-1925 

Student Editor: Justin Criado

Description: First hitting newsstands in 1923, Weird Tales magazine quickly became a literary monster in discovering and publishing the best horror, sci-fi and fantasy writers of its day. These are the best stories from 1923–25.

Cover of a book with three books title "Weird Tales" Weird Tales: Best of the Early Years 1926-1927 

Student Editor: Kaye Lynne Booth

Description: First hitting newsstands in 1923, Weird Tales magazine quickly became a literary monster in discovering and publishing the best horror, sci-fi and fantasy writers of its day. These are the best stories from 1923–25.

Artisitic photo of a man in a top hat interacting with a variety of wild animals
The Story of Dr. Dolittle
Student Editor – Melissa Dalton Martinez

Description: When Doctor John Dolittle’s love of animals scares away his human patients, he finds himself on the verge of bankruptcy. Luckily, his parrot, Polynesia, has a solution—she teaches him to talk to animals.

Using his new skill, Doctor Dolittle becomes a veterinarian, and his reputation soon spreads in the animal kingdom. With it, come requests for help from animals all over the world.

Sailing off with his band of animal companions, Doctor Dolittle seeks to help all he can while facing fierce storms, vicious pirates, angry kings, and more.

Book cover of From the Earth to the Moon and Around the Moon From the Earth to the Moon and Round the Moon

Student Editor – Matthew Wright

Description: When Barbicane had the idea to repurpose weapons of war for science, his friends laughed at him. His rival, Captain Nicholl, ridiculed him for his ideas. But he didn’t let it deter him. Would they be ready in time? Philosophers had dreamed of setting foot on the Moon for thousands of years. Would the Gun Club have what it takes to man the first mission? Or would technology prove too limited? What dangers awaited them in space? Barbicane’s infectious enthusiasm inspired enemies and adventurers across the world. Would it be enough to get him and his friends safely back to Earth? Would they let their differences divide…or unite them?

Sometimes, humanity’s search for knowledge is worth all the risks.

Cover of a book titled, "The Jewel of Seven Stars" The Jewel of Seven Stars

Student Editor: Deborah Kevin


An Egyptologist discovers a tomb at the exact moment his daughter is born. In a house full of Egyptian antiquities—a jeweled scarab, mummified cat, and severed hand, unexplained claw marks and comas — a mysterious stranger’s wild tales of a hidden tomb and ancient warnings of violent deaths to everyone who sought the jewel, all linked to a forgotten queen’s 5,000-year quest for reincarnation.

Cover of book titled, "Mother of Frankenstein" Mother of Frankenstein: Maria: or, The Wrongs of Woman and Memoirs of the Author of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

Student Editor: Constanza Ontaneda

Description: In The Wrongs of Woman, Maria has been separated from her infant daughter and imprisoned in an insane asylum by her husband. There, she forms an unexpected friendship with one of the female wards. Could romance follow?

Delve into the most radical feminist work from the author of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, and find out.

Cover of book titled, "One Stormy Night" One Stormy Night

Student Editor: Kelly Adams

Description: On a stormy night in 1816, the writers Mary Shelley, John William Polidori, and Lord Byron undertook a challenge that would change history and create the gothic genre. The result is three chilling tales of monsters, vampires, and murder.

Cover of book titled, "Rise, Do Not Be Afraid" Rise, Do Not Be Afraid

Student Editor: Sarah Patterson

Description: Rise, Do Not Be Afraid is a compelling, intertwined story of a small New Mexico town and its people, the presence of shadowy gods, and the heart of human nature. These fantastical and almost whimsical tales are based in myth and biblical traditions, and the characters are rooted deeply in the past, returning to pass down the truth of their town—Santa Rita, New Mexico. Through the eyes and mouths of Abeyta’s characters, we are carried through a private and deeply personal history.

Cover of book titled, "The Sleeper Awakes and Men Like Gods" The Sleeper Awakes and Men Like Gods

Student Editor: Amanda Spriggs


The Sleeper Awakes

What if you took a sleeping pill and awoke two centuries years later to find yourself the wealthiest man in the world? Everyone and everything you know is long gone … but you are simultaneously the most exciting and most unfortunate thing to happen in centuries?

Men Like Gods

What if you took a mental health day, ready for some rest and relaxation, and suddenly found yourself in a different world?

Journey with Mr. Barnstaple to Utopia to see what millennia of advancement can bring to the future.

Cover of a book titled, "We" We: The 100th Anniversary Edition

Student Editor: Erekson Holt

Description: The One State is a world where people are merely numbers, and free will itself is a disease. Most are happy in their role as cogs in a huge machine, controlled by the ever-watchful Benefactor.

However, on the eve of the launch of the Integral—the spacecraft that will impose the One State’s way of life everywhere—starship architect D-503 meets I-330, a female number as irreverent as she is beautiful.

The Benefactor has quantified human experience, circumscribe edit, reduced it to nothing but a series of mathematical equations—that is, until one man tries to factor in the ultimate unknown: love.

Cover of a book titled, "The Lost World" The Lost World

Student Editor: Dale Sprague

Description: No one believed Professor Challenger’s claims that dinosaurs existed in the Amazon jungle.

Critics ridiculed and mocked him, but he was as stubborn as he was intelligent. He was willing to venture into the jungles with nothing but a crude map, a skeptical professor, a big game hunter, and a reporter. Their adventure took them across an ocean, up the Amazon river, and deep into lands barely explored by adventurers in the early 20th century.

When they finally reached the plateau on their map, they encountered their first big challenge–ascending the cliffs onto the plateau. To be so close to proving his claims with no way to ascend left the party frustrated. Professor Challenger however believed in determined ingenuity and did not give up easily.

Would they find what they expected or would they find more than they could handle?

Photo of a book titled, "Unmasked" Unmasked: Tales of Risk and Revelation

GPCW Collective Work

Description: When the mask comes off, can you handle what’s underneath?

Pull back the mask to reveal 21 tales from seasoned and award-winning authors, of magical masks, gas masks, death masks, superheroes, secret identities, disguised robots, alien symbionts, a Napoleonic thief, a swindling demon—even a hidden clown.

Who will take the risk?

Cover of a book titled "Being Noah" Being Noah

Student Editor – Angela Johnson

Cover of book titled "Blow out the Candle When you Leave" Blow Out the Candle When You Leave

Student Editor – Kelly Lynn Colby

Cover of book titled "The Complete War of the Worlds" The Complete War of the Worlds

Student Editor: Carol Wyrick and Augustus Prouty

Description: Together in one volume for the first time—H.G. Wells’s seminal science fiction classic The War of the Worlds, with the contemporaneous, unauthorized, but extremely popular sequel Edison’s Conquest of Mars, as well as Wells’s own, much later conceptual sequel, Star Begotten.

Cover of a book titled "The Cthulu Stories" The Cthulhu Stories

Student Editor: Scott Lee

Description: Fresh from dusty libraries dark with forbidden knowledge, these twelve Howard tales, bring Kull of Atlantis, Bran Mak Morn, and a steady band of warriors, adventurers, and scholars into the dark to face the Nameless and that which they left behind: Elder gods, nameless cosmic horrors greater and older than the gods themselves, ancient forms of life and worship from before the dawn of humanity.

Cover of a book titled, "The Detective Stories of Edgar Allan Poe" The Detective Stories of Edgar Allan Poe

Student Editor: Kailey Urbaniak

Description: Murder, mystery, and solving crime—the foundations of detective fiction.

Description: Meet C. Auguste Dupin, the first literary example of a brilliant detective created by Edgar Allan Poe, undisputed master of chills and suspense. Follow Dupin’s genius skill at problem solving through three detective cases, Poe’s only three tales with his seminal character.

Cover of a book titled, "Kipps" Kipps

Student Editor: Ashley King

Description: Long unavailable to readers, Kipps is a classic rags-to-riches story that addresses the moral and emotional difficulties that come with wealth and a change of social station. It will make readers think, have them laughing, and capture their hearts.

Cover of a book titled "Monsters, Movies & Mayhem" Monsters, Movies & Mayhem

GPCW Collective Work

Description: Join award-winning authors Jonathan Maberry, Fran Wilde, David Gerrold, Rick Wilber and others for 23 all-new tales of haunted theaters, video gods, formidable demons, alien pizza, and delirious actors. Each story takes you to the silver screen with monstrous results.

Cover of book titled, "The Original Santa Claus Stories" The Santa Claus Stories

Student Editor: James Romag

Description: Here in one volume for the first time are five of L. Frank Baum’s Santa Claus tales. Gathered from book, magazine and Sunday paper, these are the stories that shaped the legend of the “Patron Saint of Children.” From Little Bun Rabbit in Santa’s workshop to the Wogglebug and friends making toys, over a century ago Baum created a legacy that captures hearts and imaginations to this day.

Cover of a book titled "The War in the Air" The War in the Air

Student Editor: Elizabeth Drisko

Description: This classic full-length novel from H. G. Wells imagines a world of Progress stricken by brutal conflict in the sky—written before the actual invention of airplanes.

Cover of a book titled "The Wolf Leader" The Wolf Leader

Student Editor: Tracy Leonard Nakatani


Think Journal

In fall 2013, the GPCW acquired THINK journal. THINK publishes poems that emphasize craft as well as criticism, reviews, fiction and creative nonfiction. It appears twice each year, in the spring and fall. Numerous current GPCW students and alums have served as readers and editors of THINK. Its current managing editor, Brian Palmer, is a GPCW alum in Poetry (2018).

Subscribe to THINK

Cover of a book titled "The Great Isolation" The Great Isolation

GPCW Collective Work

Description: In the midst of darkness, one Colorado group uses art to heal broken hearts. 17 Coloradans wrote an intimate collection of nature pieces, screenplays, poetry, and short stories to capture the thoughts, emotions, and overall impact COVID-19 is having on society. This book is comprised of contest winners and finalists of The Great Isolation Writing Contest, published by the Publishing students at Western. This collection of raw and powerful art will serve as a time capsule for the world to remember how the coronavirus impacted civilization on the human level.

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