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Wellness Elevated

Wellness Elevated

Wellness Elevated is housed within the High Altitude Performance Laboratory (HAP Lab) at Western Colorado University and represents a partnership between the Department of Recreation, Exercise & Sport Science (ESS) and the medical community of the Gunnison Valley.

Our mission is twofold:

  • To provide an evidence-based, supervised exercise program for people living with clinical conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, obesity, Parkinson’s Disease and many others.
  • To provide meaningful experiential learning opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students.


At Wellness Elevated, we help our clients achieve an improved quality of life through exercise, diet, social connections and a large dose of education and encouragement. Working with the university and ESS students allows us to effectively remove cost as a barrier to adherence.

The program is overseen by qualified clinical exercise physiologists and offers a high level of specialized care to assist clients wanting prevention or management of limitations, improvement of general health and quality of life or return to normal functioning. Wellness Elevated will not only restore client confidence in their general health and physical wellbeing but also empower and educate them to permanently incorporate healthy choices into their lifestyle.

Wellness Elevated consists of an initial consult which will identify limitations, program goals and specific needs of the individual. The program also includes a comprehensive battery of baseline and post-program assessments consisting of a graded exercise test, blood lipid/glucose measurement and flexibility, strength and balance assessments. Finally, clients receive an individualized exercise prescription, careful monitoring and education on a variety of health and fitness related topics.

Hours & Dates

Wellness Elevated operates around the academic calendar (semester start and end dates) due to its dual purpose of providing both student learning opportunities as well as medical continuum of care. We currently have an 80 client capacity. Clients referred after this maximum will be referred to the following semester for a start date.

  • Summer 2019: June 17 – Aug. 9
  • Fall 2019: Sept. 11 – Dec. 13
  • Spring 2020: Jan. 29 – May 1

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7 a.m. to noon


  • $200 for new clients (includes paperwork, assessments and post program report)
  • $150 for returning clients


Wellness Elevated
Western Colorado University, HAP Lab
1 Western Way
Gunnison, CO 81231
Office phone: 970.943.2179
Office fax: 970.943.7125

Angela Dalleck
Manager, Wellness Elevated

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