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Residence Life & Housing

Resident Resources

Resident Resources


Housing Portal

The Housing Portal is your go-to for things like the housing application, vehicle registration, room condition contracts, roommate agreements, and more.

Housing Lease and Contract

Read the 2021-22 Housing Lease and Contract.

Mail Center

To figure out your on-campus mailing address and the hours of operation, contact Residence Life at 970.943.2468.

Mountaineer Card

Questions about your Western Mountaineer Card? Contact Residence Life at 970.943.2525.

Don’t see what you need?

If you don’t see an answer to your question, give Residence Life a call at 970.943.2101, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Western Colorado University’s residents possess specific individual and group rights while engaged in activities that are part of college life. With these rights, residents have reciprocal responsibilities to ensure these same rights for others. Housing staff will educate residents regarding these rights and responsibilities, and use them as a guide in making decisions concerning resident welfare and behavior. The following statements define minimal expectations regarding these rights and responsibilities.

Western students are also required to adhere to all policies outlined in the Student Handbook.

Resident’s Rights

Western Colorado University’s residents possess specific individual and group rights while engaged in activities that are part of college life. With these rights, residents have reciprocal responsibilities to ensure these same rights for others. Housing staff will educate residents regarding these rights and responsibilities, and use them as a guide in making decisions concerning resident welfare and behavior. The following statements define minimal expectations regarding these rights and responsibilities.

Western students are also required to adhere to all policies outlined in the Student Handbook.

The Office of Residence Life & Conference Services at Western Colorado University is dedicated to providing a comfortable and safe living environment for all students, including those whose gender identity and/or expression differs from the sex assigned to them at birth.

Though gender neutral housing options are not currently in place at Western Colorado University, and housing is generally divided along the gender binary paradigm, we fully support all students in their right to safe, supportive and comfortable living options. As such, we support students in self-selecting gendered housing and/or utilizing communal gendered restrooms based on their identified gender without pressure or requirement to disclose any identifying information.

In addition, though we cannot guarantee that all specific requests can be met, we will do our absolute best to accommodate any student who feels uncomfortable or unsafe with the above option, including those who identify outside of the gender binary paradigm. As a small university, we can flexibly address these concerns on a confidential case-by-case basis, with a commitment to assisting the student in finding the safest and best accommodation possible. To discuss these options, please contact the Director of Residence Life and Conference Services at 970.943.2101.

Ultimately, it is our goal to support our transgender and/or gender queer students with an emphasis on respect, affirmation and prioritized attention to the student’s physical and emotional well-being.

Residents have the right…

  • To have reasonable access to their living accommodations based on a published schedule of occupancy.
  • To live in a clean and secure environment.
  • To facilities and programs that support the pursuit of academic success.
  • To expect a regionally competitive price on housing accommodations and food service.
  • To have access to written copies of rules and regulations that govern individual and group behavior.
  • To the respect and safety of personal property.
  • To study without interruption or interference.
  • To be free from unreasonable noise.
  • To be free of intimidation or harassment.
  • To express themselves freely within established guidelines.
  • To expect enforcement of housing agreement/contract.
  • To have direct access to staff who provide assistance, guidance and support as needed.
  • To host guests, within established guidelines.
  • To receive equitable treatment when behavior is in question.
  • To enjoy individual freedoms regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, national origin, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation.
  • To participate in resident governmental bodies and housing departmental committees.
  • To have access to individual and group social, educational and developmental opportunities in their living community.

Residents have the responsibility…

  • To adhere to rules and regulations.
  • To comply with reasonable requests made by staff, or university officials or fellow residents.
  • To meet payment schedules for room, board, and other required housing fees.
  • To monitor and accept responsibility for behavior of guests.
  • To report violations of rules and regulations to appropriate staff.
  • To respect the rights of others, as stated above.
  • To respect the diverse backgrounds and interests of those others who are different from them.
  • To treat others in a civil manner and manage conflict in a mature manner.
  • To be serious in their academic pursuits.
  • To participate actively in self-governance.
  • To participate in housing departmental committees as requested.
  • To express themselves individually, or by association with groups.
  • To participate in judicial proceedings to determine appropriate standards of behavior.
  • To contribute positively to the community by participating in educational and developmental activities.

Campus Safety

Important Numbers

24-hour emergency: 911
24-hour non-emergency: 970.641.8000
Campus Security phone: 970.209.1020, available 24/7
Resident Assistant on-call phones:

Residence Hall Safety Tips

  • Do not prop doors
  • Keep suite or room doors and windows locked at all times
  • Never leave valuables unattended
  • Report suspicious activity to Campus Security

Internet Access

Wi-Fi is available everywhere on campus. Rooms in the Pinnacles, Chipeta, Escalante and Mears Complexes have internet access via Ethernet.

Computer Requirements

All students using the Western campus network on a personal computer will need anti-virus installed and kept up-to-date.

Computer Labs

Computers are important to life here at Western, but owning a personal computer is not a necessity. Computer labs with internet capability are located in Pinnacles, Chipeta, Mears, Ute and Colorado halls. Additional computer labs are located in Taylor Hall and Savage Library.

Need Help?

If you are having issues with your computer or internet access, contact IT Services.


Right here: Student Handbook

All students are expected to read the Student Handbook each year, as there are often updates from the previous edition. All students are subject to the policies and procedures in this handbook and agree to follow them when matriculating to Western Colorado University.

Yes. Students are expected to check their Western email at least once per day. Faculty and staff will send you important emails on a regular basis, and you will be held responsible for the content of those messages.

Students living on campus during the academic year can request to remain on campus during Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks. Students living in Escalante or Ute do not have access to a kitchen, so they must have a special approval from their Resident Director to stay.  Students living in Mears Complex, Pinnacles, and Chipeta will be sent a break housing form that they need to complete before staying for Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks

The Housing Lease and Contract is for the academic year.  Winter Break Housing is a separate contract with additional fees.  Students who do not wish to stay on campus over Winter Break and will be returning for Spring Semester may leave their belongings in their room but will not have access to their room until the weekend before Spring Semester.  Students who wish to stay over Winter Break must complete the Winter Break Housing Application, and students who reside in Escalante and Ute must also have special permission from their Resident Director to stay over Winter Break.

In emergency situations, Western will communicate with the entire university community by sending out Rave alerts through email. Go to getrave.com to register your phone so that you will receive text messages as well during emergencies. Type “Western Colorado University” as the site name. All students are encouraged to register their mobile phones if they have one. Further questions about Rave alerts can be directed to the Director of Security.

Yes. Students are required to live on campus for two years. As part of the live-on requirement, first-year students will experience the Residential Curriculum. For second-year students, there is a Second Year Experience program that focuses on programming surrounding life skills (i.e. cooking, filing taxes, outdoor survival techniques, health and wellness education). Transfer students can opt into living on a Transfer Community or on a second-year floor.

To see qualifications to appeal to live off campus, please click here.

Beginning in the spring semester, students will receive notification about returning housing selection. Students must complete a housing application by the deadline in order to receive a room selection lottery number. Students who do not complete this process but are still under the live-on requirement will have less options to choose from since other students will have selected the majority of the rooms on the first day of room selection. After completing the housing application, students can search for and connect with potential roommates and will later receive a lottery time via their Western email based on class standing. During their housing selection date and time, students can sign on and pick their room and “pull in” potential roommates they have connected with to live with them. Roommates will still need to accept this assignment or choose a new room. All students will then be able to select a meal plan (meal plan requirements are based on where students will be living) and will have to complete the housing agreement. Students who are not required to live on campus but do not complete the housing agreement before the end of the spring semester may lose their housing assignment.

If you have any questions about the housing process, please contact Residence Life at 970.943.2101.

In the Escalante Complex, the Mears Complex and Ute Hall, all beds are extra-long twin. In Pinnacles and Chipeta, all beds are full size.

Lofting of beds is not allowed. Residents are allowed to use bed risers but not with a bunk bed setup.

No. You have to sign up for the limited bunk bed program before you arrive. It is a libailbity to have students bunk beds themselves and not permitted at Western.

Unfortunately not. Residence Life has a limited amount of storage space, so all furniture must remain in your room.

The furniture in your room is connected to your Room Condition Contract, so the furniture your room comes with must remain in your room.

Western maintains a strict outside furniture policy to ensure fire safety and protect the cleanliness of the rooms. Additionally, outside furniture can contribute to pest problems. All rooms are furnished appropriately for its occupants with a desk, dresser and bed.

Outside furniture is prohibited in the residence halls except for the following items:

  • Desk chairs that do not have any fabric or upholstery
  • Blow up air mattresses
  • Blow up couch without velvet on outside
  • Bean bag chairs
  • Memory foam
  • Lamps (only non‐halogen bulbs)
  • ​Media stands, bookcases, or night stands in which the total dimensions of each piece do not exceed 80 inches. Total inches can be calculated by adding the longest width, the longest height, and the longest depth together when fully extended (such as legs or sides).

Resident Assistants in all residence halls and apartment complexes are scheduled to perform health, safety and fire inspections once per month. These health, safety and fire inspections are to ensure the continued safety of our communities. One week before the inspection occurs, your Resident Director will send an email stating that health, safety and fire inspections will take place the following week. The email does not have to indicate a specific day or time, as that may change with Resident Assistants’ schedules. For one week, Resident Assistants will inspect rooms with or without the presence of the residents. Resident Assistants are always accompanied by another Resident Assistant or a professional staff member. If any policy violations are found pertaining to University policy, they will be addressed at that time.

Anything that is or can be considered an extension cord is prohibited from the residence halls. This includes outlet multipliers. Only certified surge protectors may be used in residence halls and apartments.

Students in residence halls are permitted to have a standard size micro-fridge, a microwave and any other kitchen appliance that does not have a hot plate. Other kitchen appliances may not be stored or used in the residence halls. This includes toasters, toaster ovens, George Foreman grills, traditional coffee makers, etc. These items are allowed in the Pinnacles and Chipeta Hall but only in the kitchen areas of the apartments. If you really enjoy coffee, we suggest purchasing a single-serve coffee maker, such as a Keurig, that does not have a hot plate.

We take security seriously here at Western. If you lose your key, report to your RA that you lost it and they will immediately submit a work order so that it can be replaced. Keys are typically replaced in one to two business days. New keys can be picked up from the Residence Life Office, University Center 117. Losing your key will result in a standard fee of $50 that is billed to your student account.

All student may have small fish in up to a 10-gallon tank (one per room). Any other pets (dogs, cats, reptiles, etc.) are prohibited from the residence halls and apartments. Exceptions include service dogs and emotional support animals that have been approved through Disability Services. If a prohibited pet is found, the resident could receive a fine of up to $300.

All rooms are regularly inspected for safety and fire hazards. You may store your bike in your room as long as it does not pose a threat to the safety of the residents in the space. If you do not store your bike in your room, you must store it on the bike racks located outside. Bikes cannot be stored in communal areas such as stairwells or lounges. You are encouraged to keep your bike locked when not in use and to register your bike with the Gunnison Police Department, which is indeed a free service.

If you are having issues with your roommate, please make sure you speak with your roommate directly. RAs are able to help students prepare for these types of conversations. If an issue escalates beyond the student’s control, your Resident Assistant or Resident Director may ask to mediate the conversation.

If you are 21 years of age or older and either have a single room or live with a roommate who is also 21 years of age or older, you may possess and consume alcohol in your room. Alcohol is not to be kept in community spaces and cannot be consumed in the presence of a minor.

Western does not permit any tobacco paraphernalia (i.e. vape pens, hookahs, etc.) to be possessed in residence halls or apartments. We understand that some students do smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco, so we do allow students to store cigarettes and chewing tobacco in their rooms, as long as it is stored away from view. Students are still prohibited from smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco in their rooms. Vape pens and hookahs are prohibited because of their potential use with different forms of marijuana products. Confiscated items that violate policy, such as vape pens, hookahs, or other paraphernalia will not be returned to the student.

If you are returning to Western after Winter Break and are remaining in the same space, you may leave your belongings (with all electronics unplugged) in your room. You must remove your items after the spring semester, even if you have the exact same room/apartment for the upcoming fall semester. Residence Life hosts numerous conferences over the summer, resulting in the need for as many residence hall rooms and apartments as possible. Any personal items that remain after you have moved out will be donated, recycled, or discarded per the abandonment policy.

Yes. All of the above devices can be connected to our network. If you are experiencing issues connecting these devices, please contact IT at 970.943.3123.

For your convenience, each complex has coin-operated laundry facilities. Additionally, all laundry machines accept Mountaineer Cash, a declining balance on your Mountaineer Card.

Students are allowed to have an on-campus or off-campus guest stay with them for up to 48 hours within a two-week period. Students must obtain permission from their roommate(s) before giving the guest entrance to their residence. Student hosts must accompany their off-campus guest while on campus. Students may not share their keys with their guests or leave their guests in their room/apartment unattended.

All mail and packages must be delivered to the Mail Center.

Yes! We have many great restaurants here in Gunnison that will deliver to Western’s campus. Students must meet the delivery person at the entrance to the hall. Propping doors open is strictly prohibited as it poses a security threat to other residents in the residence halls and apartment buildings.

Quiet hours are times set aside for near-silence in the residence halls and apartments. This is to respect and encourage the healthy sleeping habits of all Western students. Quiet hours are in effect Sunday through Thursday from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. and Friday through Saturday from 12 a.m. (midnight) to 8 a.m. Courtesy hours are in effect at all times. During the daytime when quiet hours are not in effect, residents do not have the right to turn a radio, stereo or TV to full volume (inside or outside of the halls) or to yell and shout. Residence Life staff may ask you to close your door or turn down the volume on your TV, radio, stereo, etc., if the noise levels are disruptive to the community.

No. Marijuana is not allowed in any shape or form on Western’s campus. This includes the storage of marijuana in cars parked in any campus parking lot.

Yes. Recycling is encouraged in the residence halls. Each residential area has its own trash and recycling area. Additionally, Western is making strong efforts to eliminate the purchase and use of single-use plastic bags and plastic bottles on campus. Please help us to reach our goal!

All students who live in the residence halls are required to have a meal plan. Students in the apartments may have a meal plan if they like.

You may change your meal plan in the Residence Life Office up to the first Wednesday of the academic year. Students on optional meal plans may continue to purchase these plans throughout the year.

A campus-wide housing freeze is in effect for the first two weeks and during the spring housing selection period in November and December. If you would like to switch to another room for a non-interpersonal related reason, please connect with your Resident Assistant or Resident Director. If you would like to switch to another room because of an issue with your roommate, you must go through Residence Life’s mediation process before this becomes an option. Speak with your Resident Assistant for more details. Switching rooms for a non-emergency will result in a processing fee.

No. Parking on campus is available on a first come, first served basis. Parking is not guaranteed, and there are restrictions placed on particular lots. Security does ticket and tow, so please park in appropriate spaces. When you check in, you MUST register your vehicle and receive a parking sticker in order to be able to park on campus without being ticketed or towed. Only one vehicle per student is permitted.

Unfortunately, Residence Life no longer provides cable television in residence hall rooms.

You are responsible for checking out properly. If you leave without following proper procedures, you will have improper check out fines. To properly check out, you need to first stop by the Student Affairs office (Taylor 301) and explain your withdraw plans. You will get a form and will need to get signatures from someone in the Student Affairs office, Financial Aid office, Residence Life office, and Registrar’s office. It’s a courtesy to notify your academic advisor as well in person or via email. After the withdrawal form is completed and you are withdrawn from classes, you need to contact your RA to check out of your room and return your key(s). You have 24-48 hours to check out of your room properly.

Failure to follow the withdrawal process will result in tuition and student fees for each semester you are registered for until you withdraw or until the semester ends. Failure to check out of your residence hall room or apartment with an RA or RD will result in charges for not returning your key(s), charges for improperly checking out, and charges for cleaning your room.

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