On-Campus Housing

Two-Year Live-On Policy

Two-Year Live-On Policy

The two-year live-on requirement is a commitment between students and the University to enhance student success. We know that students who live on campus are more likely to stay enrolled, graduate on time and feel connected to the campus community.

During their first year living on campus, residents will learn practical skills such as budgeting, communication, nutrition, safety skills, collaborative relationships, and physical and mental well-being. Second-year campus residents will add on to these foundational skills with career workshops, healthy and affordable cooking lessons, safety skills, healthy life skills and civil opportunities.

Positive Outcomes of the Western’s Two-Year Live-On Policy

  1. Retention: Students have greater expectations for their academic achievement and are more likely to remain in college.
  2. Extracurricular involvement: Students are more involved in campus activities. They learn to work with others, manage budgets, express their ideas in meetings, negotiate with others and follow through with projects.
  3. Positive feelings about campus social climate: Students feel that the campus is more comfortable, academic, supportive and enjoyable.
  4. Personal growth and development: Students meet more challenges, mature more quickly and learn to become interdependent.
  5. Interpersonal relationships: Students build strong friendships and share more experiences. They interact more, develop more tolerance and experience more cultural diversity.
  6. Faculty interaction: Students have more contacts with faculty due to closer proximity to faculty offices.​

Policy Exceptions

Students who meet specific criteria may appeal to live off campus. For more information, visit our On-Campus Housing Appeals page.