Financial Aid



Western Colorado University currently offers 1,200 on-campus student work positions.

Western offers three kinds of work-study positions: federal, state and institutional. Federal and state work-study are federally- and state-funded student employment programs that allow eligible students with financial need to work on campus. Western’s institutional work-study program is open to all students and is funded by the University. All work-study positions are available in a variety of settings with flexible hours.

All work-study programs allow students to work as many as 20 hours each week. Wages vary according to each position; however, most positions start at the federal minimum wage rate.

In order to determine eligibility for federal or state work-study positions, students must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Your Financial Aid award letter will indicate what type of work-study you have been awarded. If you have additional questions about this award, or if you wish to be placed on a waitlist to receive work-study funding, please contact Financial Aid.

If you are looking for a specific position or for career advising, please contact Western’s Career Services for assistance with resumes, cover letters or interviewing skills. They can also provide assistance with the graduate school application process.

Browse work-study job listings in Handshake.