Multicultural Center

Where Everybody Belongs

Located in the University Center at the heart of campus, the Multicultural Center celebrates the diversity of people in and around the Gunnison community and helps students develop culturally, personally and academically. It is a place where members—regardless of age, ethnicity or gender—feel welcomed and encouraged to participate in any of the following clubs:

The Multicultural Center Strives to:

  • Educate the university and the local community about the similarities and differences among people of a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Assist students in their academic, cultural and personal development.
  • Promote cultural literacy and competency in hopes of building a more inclusive community.
  • Provide cultural opportunities for community members.

The Multicultural Center Believes That All People:

  • Are valuable.
  • Have dignity.
  • Have leadership potential.
  • Can make a difference.

What students say

“The Multicultural Center has allowed me to interact with a variety of my peers that I probably would not talk to. I have made many friends because of the MCC.”
— Chasity Cordova

“The Multicultural Center has helped me find good friends who care and want to make sure I am doing my best in school. There are a lot of leaders here who care about us and want us to succeed. It helps bring spirit and culture to campus. They make a fun, enjoyable environment, where everyone is welcome to come relax and do homework.”
— Selso Luna

“The Multicultural Center is an awesome place to meet people because everyone stops in to say ‘hi.'”
— Estrellita Garcia

“The Multicultural Center is a home away from home. It’s a place I come where I can relax and be myself, knowing I won’t be judged. It’s like being part of a large family.”
— Jade McIntosh

“The Multicultural Center is a great place to get involved with different activities that take place on campus. It also helps you meet new people and take your mind off class and schoolwork.”
— Charmayne Bellamy

Additional Resources

Multicultural Awareness Scholarship

The Multicultural Awareness Scholarship is open to full-time, Colorado residents who have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.

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