Thornton Biology Research Program

Thornton Biology Research Program

The Thornton Biology Research Program gives undergraduate students the opportunity to work with faculty on funded, original research. The program also delivers teaching release time for faculty, allowing professors to focus on their own research and support students’ projects.

In student-directed projects, students write research proposals on topics of their interest in collaboration with biology faculty members who have expertise in the topic. The student may request a Thornton Research Award of up to $3,000. In addition, they may request funds for equipment, supplies and related travel.

In faculty-directed projects, professors typically write the research proposals, and students are eligible for a Thornton Research Assistantship. These projects are generally tied to the primary research program of the faculty member and provide students with an opportunity to learn about science and the specific topic of the study. Oftentimes, student-directed projects will grow out of faculty-led ones.

To get involved, students should discuss research ideas with a Biology faculty member.

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Reach out to Derek D. Houston, Ph.D. for more information.

  • Requests for project funding are accepted by the Thornton Biology Research Committee in a no-deadline submission process (i.e. a rolling deadline).
  • A proposal includes the Thornton Research Grants Program Funding Request (see below) and a full grant proposal written in scientific style, including a title, author byline, author affiliations, abstract, introduction, methods (including study area if appropriate), expected results, literature cited, a budget (including contributions from other sources and in-kind contributions) with a rationale, a timeline for the project and student transcripts if relevant.
  • Submit an electronic copy of the proposal (as a single document) to Derek D. Houston, Ph.D. The Thornton committee will review proposals and notify applicants within one to three weeks.
  • After approval, applicants must submit a signed hard copy of the proposal to the Thornton program director
  • Please note that students may receive a stipend for a funded proposal, or may conduct research funded by Thornton for research credits (e.g., senior thesis), but may not receive both simultaneously.

Thornton Undergraduate Research Policies and Criteria (pdf)

Thornton Research Grants Program Project Funding Request (pdf)