B.A. in Elementary Education with Teacher Licensure; M.A. in Education (3+2)

Tuition and Aid


For the first three years, students in either M.A. in Education 3+2 program pay undergraduate tuition and are eligible for undergraduate financial aid. The fourth year, students take a combination of graduate credits and undergraduate credits, maintaining their access to undergraduate financial aid as they complete their bachelor’s degree. In the final year, students pay graduate tuition. Altogether, this reduces the cost of a normal masters degree by about one year of what a traditional program would cost. Furthermore, M.A. in Education tuition is the same for in-state and out-of-state students.

For tuition costs of years one through three, please visit the main Western Colorado University Tuition and Fees section.


Year 4– Complete Bachelor’s degree and teaching license 27 $11,002.51 in-state/ $13,948.51 out-of-state $1,883 student teaching fee $12,885.50 in-state/ $15,831.51 out-of-state
Year 5– Complete M.A. 16 $6,464 None $6,464
Total for M.A. 43 $17,466.51 in-state/ $20,412.51 out-of-state $1883 student teaching fee $19,349.50 in-state/ $22,295.51 out-of-state

*For more information about applying for aid and scholarship opportunities, contact your Western financial aid counselor.