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Academic Suspension or Dismissal Appeal Form

If the Academic Resource Center has information that may explain your situation, I authorize the release of information from the Academic Resource Center.
    If you would like to meet with the Appeals Committee, a member of the Committee will contact you on receipt of this request to schedule your in-person or phone conference time.
  • I authorize the Student Affairs office to release information related to the circumstances and/or situations that led to my suspension or dismissal (if applicable).

  • I authorize the Academic Resource Center to release any information that may help to explain my situation (if applicable).

  • What extraordinary circumstances(s) contributed to your lack of academic success? Explain how that circumstance(s) impacted your academic performance over the past year. What steps did you take during the past year to improve your academic performance? Did you meet with your academic advisor?

  • How has the situation now been resolved so that it will not impact your academic performance? Why should the Committee overturn your suspension and allow you to return to Western this semester?

  • What changes have you made that will allow you to become a student in “Good Standing”? What strategies and resources do you plan to use if readmitted that will help you be successful academically?

  • What additional information do you want the committee to consider in the review of your appeal?

  • Guidelines for an Academic Appeal

    To successfully appeal a suspension, you must convince the Academic Appeals Committee that returning to Western Colorado University before your suspension period is completed is the best strategy for you to succeed academically.  The Committee evaluates your petition letter, documentation and academic record to see if there is a compelling reason why you should be readmitted early from suspension.  Demonstrated academic success from another institution during the first semester of your suspension will enhance the probability of success of your appeal.

    Reasons for appealing an Academic Suspension
    Examples of extenuating or extraordinary circumstances that may be considered acceptable for appeal include the death of an immediate relative, serious illness of a family member or yourself, recent diagnosis of a learning disability or emotional disorder, severe financial issues, or personal crisis. These reasons represent only a partial list and other circumstances may be considered as well.

    The Committee requires documentation related to your particular circumstance.  Examples of such documentation may be a physician’s statement, proof of recently diagnosed disability, verification of visits to a mental health counselor, and verification of absences required to deal with family issues. Other forms of documentation may be more relevant for different circumstances. If you have attended another institution since your suspension, provide evidence of your academic success by submitting transcripts.  If the courses are not completed, other evidence such as tests and letters from instructors may be accepted.  With your permission, Student Affairs may be able to help you provide some documentation needed for your appeal. Forward applicable documentation to registrar@western.edu, Attention: Academic Appeals Committee.

    If your appeal is approved, the committee will make specific recommendations and requirements.  These may include, but are not limited to: a) limitation of the number of credit hours you may take in the and b) specific course recommendations and c) participation in study skills and assessment classes.

    If you are readmitted, you will be on probation.  This means you MUST earn a 2.0 GPA every semester until you are in “Good Standing” or you will be “Dismissed” from Western Colorado University.  For an explanation of “good standing”, read the Academic Standing section of the university catalog, available online at https://western.edu/about/administration/academic-affairs/office-of-the-registrar/suspension-and-appeals/. The Academic Appeals Committee will not accept for review any dismissal appeal petitions before two calendar years have transpired.

    Office of the Registrar, 300 Taylor Hall
    Western Colorado University
    Academic Appeals Committee
    Gunnison, CO 81231
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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