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Peace Corps Prep

Peace Corps Prep

Western’s Peace Corps Prep program is designed for undergraduate students seeking to apply for the Peace Corps after they’ve received their degree.

What Does it Entail?

Peace Corps Prep prepares students for international development fieldwork and potential Peace Corps service. To accomplish this, participants build five core competencies through interrelated coursework, hands-on experience and professional development support.

These five competencies include:

  1. Training and experience in a work sector: Students select and develop skills in one of the Peace Corps’ six sectors—education, health, environment, agriculture, youth in development or community economic development. Students must complete three classes of related coursework, plus 100 hours of related field experience in their chosen sector.
  2. Foreign language skills: Language course requirements vary depending on where students would like to serve once they enter their Peace Corps service. This requirement is fulfilled by completing two 200-level courses in Spanish, utilizing Mango Languages’ free language-learning software through Western’s library, completing special topic language courses, or through study abroad experience.
  3. Intercultural competence: Students complete three pre-approved introspective courses related to cultural awareness.
  4. Professionalism: Visit Career Services for a resume critique and to develop interview skills.
  5. Leadership development: Students must develop one significant leadership experience, either on or off campus. Join an club or organization or help organize an event. For ideas, check out Western’s LEAD Office webpage.

Students who complete the program requirements will receive Peace Corps Prep certification upon graduation. The certification will give students eligible to enter the Peace Corps an advantage in the highly competitive process. For more information about Peace Corps Prep, please refer to the Student Guide below.

How to join the program:

  1. Review the Peace Corps Prep Student Guide & Worksheet.
  2. Meet with the Peace Corps Prep Coordinator (peacecorpsprep@western.edu) to discuss the program and begin documenting the requirements that you have already met.
  3. Check in with the Peace Corps Prep Coordinator each year to review your progress.
  4. Upon completion of requirements, you will receive a Peace Corps Prep Final Checklist and certificate.