Bachelor of Arts

Studying psychology offers critical insights into how the human mind works. Whether you want to help people cope with traumatic experiences as a clinical psychologist or utilize your knowledge in sales and marketing, psychology will open doors to a variety of meaningful careers.

Program Overview

Explore the infinite expanses of the human mind.

In Western’s Psychology program, you’ll investigate learning, health, social influences, perception, cognition, neuroscience, human development, personality and abnormal behavior. You’ll also gain valuable insights into the statistical and experimental methodologies that psychologists use in their practice. The program also offers immersive opportunities to conduct original research and apply your skills to internship opportunities in counseling, assessment and therapeutic intervention. Through the dynamic curriculum, you’ll gain the personal and professional skills you need to thrive in a variety of occupations or purse an advanced degree in psychology.

Becoming a catalyst for change

A Psychology degree can open up a myriad of options for rewarding work in education, criminal justice, business, public health or private practice.


At Western, course rotations are crafted to encompass a variety of subject fields for a comprehensive education and versatile degree. For required courses and degree plans, visit the official University Catalog. Below is a general overview of courses at Western Colorado University related to this area of study.

Code Title Credits Description
PSY 100 General Psychology (GT-SS3) 3 View
PSY 200 Statistics and Data Analysis 3 View
PSY 210 History of Psychology 3 View
PSY 258 Introduction to Personality 3 View
PSY 270 Development Psychology 3 View
PSY 301 Research Methods 3 View
PSY 324 Forensic Psychology 3 View
PSY 335 Learning and Behavior 4 View
PSY 338 Cognitive Psychology 3 View
PSY 345 Biological Psychology (with laboratory) 4 View
PSY 361 Industrial and Applied Psychology 3 View
PSY 368 Psychopathology 3 View
PSY 369 Health Psychology 3 View
PSY 380 Evolutionary Psychology 3 View
PSY 437 Behavioral Pharmacology 3 View
PSY 457 Social Psychology 3 View
PSY 460 Psychological Testing 3 View
PSY 475 Clinical Psychology 3 View
PSY 498 Capstone Seminar in Psychology 3 View
PSY 499 Capstone Internship in Psychology 3 View



Kaitlyn McKnight


“My professors were really invested. The best part about Western was the fact that I had people who went above and beyond for me.”


Jamie Frank-O’Connell


“I remember being embraced by Western’s faculty. Gunnison was a place where I worked really hard, played really hard and grew a ton.”


Jes Vogan


“My instructors really helped develop me as a young professional.”


Greg Giesen


“I grew up [at Western],” says Greg “Geese” Giesen. “I was a boy when I arrived, a man when I left. I found myself at Western.”


Alyssa Ware


“I’m really happy with the route that I took. Western has afforded me opportunities that I don’t think I would have had anywhere else. I don’t think I would have had the same access to different resources at a bigger school.”


Career preparation starts your first year at Western and is the primary focus of every degree.

Visit Career Services in Library 120 or online to discover your interests, define your goals, and land the career of your dreams.

The data below is automatically collected by Burning Glass Technologies, a firm that sources job market data and provides analytics. The statistics illustrate general trends in U.S. careers, but do not precisely represent every job and salary.


Alumni Association Future Alumni Scholarship

The Alumni Association Scholarship is a one-time scholarship of $1,000 and is applicable for the student’s junior or senior year at Western.

Any child or grandchild of an alumni is eligible to receive the Future Alumni Scholarship.

  • This is a one-time non-renewable scholarship of $1,000.
  • Only one Future Alumni Scholarship will be awarded per academic year.
  • GPA must be 3.2 or above (college).

Due date has been extended to April 15 for 2021. An Alumni selection committee, appointed by the Alumni Advisory Board, will review applicants and select awardee by June 1.


Alumni Legacy Scholarship

The Alumni Legacy Scholarship is a one-time non-renewable scholarship and is only applicable for the student’s first year at Western (incoming freshman or new transfer students are eligible).

Do you have a son or daughter looking at college? Have they considered attending Western? As an alumni, your son, daughter and/or grandchildren are eligible for certain benefits distributed through this scholarship, as follows:

  • This is a one-time scholarship of $1,000.
  • Nominee must be an incoming freshman or new transfer.
  • The cost of orientation is reduced by half (a $45 value).
  • The admission application fee is waived (a $30 value).
  • GPA must be 2.5 or above (high school or college of transfer).

The applicant must fill out the application form found here (click). Application forms are accepted year-round. If the applicant meets the GPA guidelines, the scholarship will be awarded.


Mountaineer Alumni Recommendation Scholarship

The Mountaineer Alumni Recommendation Scholarship is a one-time non-renewable scholarship and is only applicable for the student’s first year at Western. This scholarship is not available to midyear transfers or students beginning in the spring semester.

Are you an alumni or employee of Western and know a prospective (or incoming) student who would be a great fit at Western? A recommendation from alumni and employees can support any new student and provide them a $500 scholarship their first year. (Western employees may not recommend a spouse or dependent receiving tuition benefits).

  • Any Western alumni/employee may nominate only one student per academic year to receive the $500 scholarship (distributed $250 per semester).
  • The scholarship is good for the first year only and is non-renewable.
  • The recommended student must be a full-time undergraduate student, attending Western for the first time.

The applicant must fill out the application form found here. The nominating alumni/employee must fill out the application form and submit the required documents by June 1. The recommended student must meet university admissions acceptance standards and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The Presidential Promise is guaranteed to students who have received a scholarship through the Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) and/or GearUp—and are eligible for a Pell Grant.

For students who meet these criteria, Western will cover the cost of tuition and fees through the combination of federal, state and institutional aid. For more information on the Presidential Promise, visit our scholarships page.


The Western Presidential Honors Scholarships, established by the Jack and Marilyn MacAllister Foundation shall be an elite class of scholarships awarded to Western’s highest achieving and most deserving students, celebrating the ideals of academic excellence and service to the campus and community. Recipients of the Scholarships will be members of the Western Colorado University Honors Program.

There are eight Presidential Honors Scholarships of $2500 each. Each year two new Presidential Honors Scholarships will be awarded to two incoming freshmen.

Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) or Central Plains (CP) tuition represents a substantial savings relative to normal, out-of-state tuition. Students eligible for the WUE or CP program will be charged 150% of Western’s total in-state tuition. For 2018-19, total in-state tuition was $8,934. WUE/CP tuition was $13,401. The WUE/CP discount is valued at $4,695.

For more information about the WUE and CP geography-based programs, visit Western’s Tuition Discount Programs Page.

Immediately upon acceptance at Western, every student is considered for a merit scholarship worth between $2,500-$4,500 per year for in-state students and $8,000-$10,000 for out-of-state students. The amount is based on the student’s GPA and ACT/SAT scores. Visit our Net Price Calculator at to determine whether you qualify for a merit scholarship.

For more information about merit scholarships at Western, visit our scholarships page.

Get Involved

Expand your community and your network.

There are so many ways that you can maximize your educational experience at Western. Take advantage of these opportunities to advance your career.

  • Active Minds: An advocacy group that provides mental health education.
  • Psi Chi: The International Honor Society in Psychology.
  • Psychology Club: A place to participate in discourse and activities that are psychological in nature.
  • Research: Students can develop their own projects under faculty supervision or participate in internship activities. If you can envision a research project, then the Psychology program can help you create and execute it.

Real-world opportunities

Psychology students have opportunities to design, evaluate and conduct research or—depending on their interest—practice the hard and soft skills used in counseling, assessment and therapeutic intervention.

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Additional Resources

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