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M.A. in Education

Supplement your master’s degree in education with additional endorsements to enhance your resume and your professional experience.

Program Overview

Bolster your credentials and gain a competitive edge.

The field of education is just as competitive as other business sectors. Take advantage of these optional added endorsements to get ahead in your professional career as an educator. You may complete requisite online coursework for several optional endorsements while completing any of the M.A. in Education degree programs. You may also earn these endorsements without completing all coursework for the M.A. in Education degree.

Classroom experience

Student-teacher Taylor Martin, helps a student with in classwork.


At Western, course rotations are crafted to encompass a variety of subject fields for a comprehensive education and versatile degree. For required courses and degree plans, visit the official University Catalog. Below is a general overview of courses at Western Colorado University related to this area of study.

Code Title Credits Description
EDUC 600 Foundations of Literacy Development 3 View
EDUC 601 Methods and Strategies of Effective Reading Instruction 3 View
EDUC 602 Literacy Assessment Informed Instruction 3 View
EDUC 605 Curriculum Development and Assessment 3 View
EDUC 611 Strategies for Exceptionalities 3 View
EDUC 612 Assessment and Programming 3 View
EDUC 613 Methods and Strategies of Effective Mathematics Instruction 3 View
EDUC 614 Inclusivity with Collaboration 3 View
EDUC 615 Student Teaching Exceptionalities 3 View
EDUC 616 Language Acquisition for Linguistically Diverse Students 3 View
EDUC 617 Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency in the Content Area 3 View
EDUC 618 Linguistically Diverse Student Teaching 3 View
EDUC 621 Creating Effective Online Learning Environments 3 View
EDUC 622 Using Data to Plan for Online & Blended Learning and Targeted Interventions 3 View
EDUC 623 Designing and Delivering Effective Online & Blended Instruction 3 View
EDUC 627 Innovations in Student Centered Teaching and Learning 3 View
EDUC 630 Inclusivity in the Content Areas 3 View
EDUC 631 Inclusive Methods and Strategies for Literacy 3 View
EDUC 632 Overview of Special Services 3 View
EDUC 633 Differential Literacy Assessment 3 View
EDUC 670 Introduction to School Leadership 4 View
EDUC 672 Personnel Selection and Development 3 View
EDUC 673 School Safety and Management 3 View
EDUC 674 Family and Community Involvement 3 View
EDUC 675 Student Learning and Accountability 3 View
EDUC 678 Principal Internship I 3 View
EDUC 679 Principal Internship II 3 View
EDUC 680 Research and Critical Inquiry for Leaders 4 View
EDUC 681 Instructional Program Development and Evaluation 3 View
EDUC 682 Shaping School Systems 3 View
EDUC 683 Legal and Ethical Issues in Education 3 View
EDUC 684 Materials and Motivation for Reading 2 View
EDUC 685 Assessing, Evaluating, and Instructing At-risk and Struggling Readers 3 View
EDUC 686 Literacy Coaching and Mentoring 2 View
EDUC 687 School-Wide Comprehensive Literacy Program Development 2 View
EDUC 688 Reading Teacher Internship 3 View
EDUC 689 Reading Specialist Internship 3 View
EDUC 693 Capstone 3 View
EDUC 695 Resource Management in Education 3 View
EDUC 696 Engaging External Stakeholders 3 View

M.A. in Education Endorsements

Hone your skills in these specialty areas.

Reading Teacher

The Reading Teacher endorsement will prepare you to work more effectively with students who struggle to learn how to read. This endorsement is available to currently licensed teachers with two or more years of teaching experience. Additional requirements for the Reading Teacher endorsement are available on the Colorado Department of Education’s website.

Reading Specialist

The Reading Specialist endorsement will allow you to work as a literacy specialist and instructional coach in your school or district. This endorsement is offered to currently licensed teachers who have three or more years of full-time, demonstrated classroom teaching experience. Additional requirements for the Reading Specialist endorsement are available on the Colorado Department of Education’s website.

Special Education

The Special Education endorsement will help you to work more effectively with students who have Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs). This endorsement is available to currently licensed teachers who would like to teach special education students.

Administrator License

The Administrator License prepares you for a position as a district-level leader (superintendent, director of special education or director of gifted education). This license is only available to currently licensed principals.

Western is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. This regional accrediting agency is responsible for accrediting degree-granting post-secondary institutions in a 19-state region.

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