MS in Ecology Fellowships, Grants and Scholarships

Eligibility, application requirements and deadlines vary widely across opportunities. Please make sure you read each description carefully.

Internal Opportunities

Social Media Master

MS in Ecology provides an assistantship for a student in the program to maintain social media presence and act as the online face of the MS Ecology program. The student will work closely with the MS in Ecology director and the Western Marketing Department to post MS in Ecology relevant content the programs website, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.

Writing Tutor

The School of Environment and Sustainability Graduate Writing Center seeks tutors who demonstrate strong writing skills, a deep interest in improving their own writing, professionalism and teamwork, and most importantly interpersonal skills for working with peers in the sensitive and challenging realm of writing. Tutorship responsibilities include: scheduling meetings in person and via Zoom to help fellow graduate students with writing and communications projects; participating in tutor trainings and meetings; reading and researching best practices for writing and teaching writing; offering craft and process workshops or work sessions; promoting MEM/ MS in Ecology/ MBA Writing Workshop services to classmates.

BIOL 613: Advanced Analysis and Modelling of Ecological Data Teaching Assistant

The MS in Ecology Program provides a teaching assistantship for 2nd year MS in Ecology students to assist the instructor for in teaching this course.

School of Graduate Studies Funding Opportunities

External Opportunities


Research Grants

Travel Grants