MBS in Rural Community Health – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I don’t have much research experience. Is this important for my application?

Having conducted original research (scholarly/applied), either as an undergraduate or while working with a community health-related entity, is very beneficial for an applicant’s chances of admission, but is not a requirement for admission.

I don’t quite meet the GPA requirement. If I’m a strong applicant otherwise, will I be considered with a cumulative GPA that is less than the minimum recommended GPA?

In general, students’ chances of admission are not great if their cumulative GPA is lower than the recommended minimum. However, if a student can show that they’ve excelled in leadership, experience, and/or interdisciplinary skills, then those characteristics may augment a slightly lower GPA.

Does the MBS program accept applications for the Spring semester?

Currently, we only accept applications for fall admission and expect that admitted students will begin during fall.

How does financial support for the graduate year work?

At the moment, students must provide their own financial support for the graduate program. We anticipate that scholarships will become available very soon, currently there are no grants or scholarships available for graduate students.

Can I update any documents, test scores, or information after I have submitted my application?

No, even if a student submits the application before the deadline, we cannot update the application after it has been submitted. Students are responsible for double-checking that their application is complete and all information and materials are correct before they submit it.