Energy Management

What is Energy Management?

What is Energy Management?

Our employed Energy Management graduates work in a variety of areas within the energy industry, ranging anywhere from oil and gas, to renewable energy.

What do landmen do?

  • Work on the legal and business side of oil and gas and the renewable energy industry
  • Work with regulatory, engineering, geology and other groups to facilitate the exploration of oil and gas
  • Secure land and mineral rights, allowing companies to commence exploration
  • Make sure a company knows what it can and can’t do
  • Make deals to increase opportunities
  • Research records to track down stakeholders

Characteristics of Successful Landmen

  • ​Strong communication skills
  • Attention to detail (verbal and written)
  • Diverse stakeholder (cross-functional teams)
  • Resourceful and innovative
  • Independent thinker
  • Geographic flexibility
  • Outgoing and enthusiastic
  • Negotiator and deal maker
  • Tenacious, patient and modest
  • Organized
  • Adaptable