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KWSB 91.1 FM – Get Involved

On the air since 1968.

Broadcasting live from Taylor Hall, KWSB is Western’s on-campus, student-managed radio station. For over 50 years, KWSB has brought radio shows, music and public service announcements to the Gunnison community, in addition to providing students with hands-on practice and resume-building skills in the communications, radio and broadcasting industries.


Tune in and tune your skillset

KWSB 91.1 FM provides experiential learning for Western students in a state-of-the-art production facility. Come visit us in Taylor 124A.

KWSB Resources

Learn more about our scheduled programs, staff, submitting PSAs and connecting with KWSB.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9 a.m. – Ron’s Real Rock Radio 7 a.m. – Vaso Show 11 p.m. – Sunday Morning Coming Down
2 p.m. – Turtle Island 2 p.m. – Lazy Living with Christian
4 p.m. – Midweek Mix 6 p.m. – Radio Shipwreck 4 p.m. Mystery Soup
7 p.m. – Western’s Workin’ Man Country 7 p.m. – Max’s Mountain Mix 7 p.m. – Peanut Butter and Jams 8 p.m. – Kyle’s Katastrophe 7 p.m. – Jammin’ with the Potts
9 p.m. – Mondady’s Mixed Bag in the Moonlight 9 p.m. – The Jam In 9 p.m. – Jacob Vogel 8:30 p.m. – Flow Fishin

Follow the link below to submit a Public Service Announcement to be aired on KWSB

Submit PSA

Our staff is here to help answer any questions you have about KWSB.

Rachael Stubbs – Station Manager
Contact for general inquires and job applications

Dana Potts – Program Director<
Contact for DJ training and programming

Brandon Lopez – Production Director
Contact for public service announcements

Drew Gramer – Music Director
Contact for music submissions

Jacob Vogel – Digital Director
Contact for automation/ghost DJ

Terry Schliesman – Faculty Advisor

Connect with Us on Social Media

Follow our Instagram or like our Facebook page to get the most up to date information about programming:

Instagram: @kwsb91.1

Discover your broadcasting talent.

How to become a DJ:​

  1. Contact the KWSB Trainer
  2. Take a tour of the station and receive the official KWSB Training Handbook
  3. Sit in on a manager’s show
  4. Take the DJ test
  5. Record a “sim show”
  6. Live broadcast with a manager sitting in
  7. Become a DJ on the KWSB team

If you want to join the management side of KWSB, contact the KWSB Station Manager.

As a member of the KWSB team, you can: 

  • Play music live on-air
  • Deliver announcements to the community
  • Produce stingers, PSAs, underwriting spots and shows
  • Write and deliver news
  • Review new music
  • Promote the station on campus and in the community
  • Broadcast Western athletic events (football and basketball)