Chemical Safety and Hygiene

Chemical Safety and Hygiene

Chemical Hygiene

This page is to help you with the following:

  • MSDS sheets. It is your (and your students) responsibility to read and understand the Material Safety and Data Sheets, MSDS, for all chemicals being used in projects.
  • You should read and understand the Chemical Hygiene plan.
  • Waste collection and labeling. Click here for a Chemical Waste Form.
  • Chemical compatibility and storage.
  • Chemicals on hand in the stockroom.

Emergency Contacts

In the event of an emergency or for help with a problem contact:

Life threatening: CALL 911

Other emergencies call:

Jarral Ryter
210 Hurst Hall


Lori Clement (administrative assistant)
128 Hurst Hall

Does the stockroom have a chemical you need?

Jarral Ryter
210 Hurst Hall

Vertere Chemical Database

Chemical Hygiene

For information on our Chemical Hygiene plan (safety and Lab protocol) click the following link.

Chemical Hygiene plan (pdf file)

For information on the following click each link.

  • Hazardous Chemical Database
    University of Akron, Department of Chemistry. Provides information for over 2000 hazardous chemicals.
  • Need an MSDS (Materials Safety and Data Sheet)?
  • NFPA hazard ratings of chemicals stored in the lab. Are you curious about those signs on lab door with the triangles?