Madison Patton

Madison Patton



“I knew that I wanted a school that could cater to me and my needs. I knew that I would get that from being here.”

Madison Patton is a student from Colorado Springs double majoring in Business Administration and Political Science.

“When I came to visit Western, I really liked how small it was and thought it was beautiful,” Madison said. “I always knew about myself that I liked living in a tight-knit community where I know everyone.”

Madison went to a small high school in Colorado Springs and is used to the small town, small school feel.

“I also knew that I wanted a school that could cater to me and my needs. I need a lot of repetition and room for personal health. I knew that I would get that from being here,” she said.

Madison works at the Coffee Lab in the Escalante Terrace, the same building she lives in. She also has a work-study position in the library.

“My favorite part about being at Western is getting to know everyone,” Madison said. “When I first got here, it was really overwhelming because I didn’t recognize anyone. It’s been a good experience, getting used to the community and being a part of Western.”

Not only does Madison work on campus, but she is also involved in extracurricular activities. She serves as a senator for Student Government Association (SGA) and is the Service Chair for Community Council in Escalante Complex.

“I applied for Community Council to get a better understanding of Residence Life,” Madison said. “After doing a couple of events, I really enjoyed the success of bringing people in Escalante together.”

“I also applied for SGA because I was involved in Student Government in high school and really enjoyed it,” Madison said. “I realized that SGA at Western is very different from what I was used to.

I love that it has taught me so much about the school and given me fantastic resources.”

Story by student writer Taya Olson.

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