Angel De La Cruz Ramirez

Angel De La Cruz Ramirez



“Personally I have learned to push myself to limits I didn’t know how to.”

Angel De La Cruz Ramirez, from Denver, is a student studying Biology.

Ramirez transferred to Western because he wanted a more traditional college experience.

“I went to the University of Colorado Denver and lived with my parents,” Ramirez said. “Going from living in a city and then a small town was hard to adjust to. It was difficult because I would get homesick a lot.”

To help with his homesickness, Ramirez got involved in extracurricular activities at Western.

“I am a Resident Assistant [in a freshman hall], a senator in Student Government Association, play rugby, I’m on the SOURCE [Scholarly Opportunities, Undergraduate Research, and Creative Expression] fund committee and I am in Amigos in the Multicultural Center,” Ramirez said.

Amigos is a club on campus that promotes awareness, support and interest of the Hispanic culture.

“Personally I have learned to push myself to limits I didn’t know how to,” Ramirez said. “One time I went on a Wilderness Pursuits trip and they made us climb through an arch, and I am not a big fan of heights. So, that was fun, going out of my comfort zone. We can do anything we want to—we just have to do it.”

Ramirez’s favorite part about Western is how small the classes are.

“I went from having a class at CU Denver with over 200 people, and my biggest class at Western is 40 students. Upper division classes get even smaller,” Ramirez said.

The size allows Ramirez to connect with his professors and peers on a more personal level and work together to solve problems.

“I chose biology because I think it’s fascinating how something so small can have such a big effect on you,” Ramirez said. “I want to better understand biology and learn how we can prevent disease from spreading. I love how small the classes are and how welcoming the faculty are.”

Starting school in his hometown and living with his parents taught Ramirez the importance of making the most out of your college experience.

“Before coming to Western I wish I knew how important it was to get involved,” Ramirez said. “My first semester in college I just had class and went home. But now, at Western, I am more involved and enjoy it more.”

Story by student writer Taya Olson.

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