Matt Aronson

Matt Aronson

Assistant Professor of Sociology


B.A., University of Montana, Native American Studies and Sociology (emphasis in Rural & Environmental Change), 2000, M.A., Colorado State University, Sociology, 2004, Ph. D., Colorado State University, Sociology, 2015


Brief Bio:
I teach sociology at Western and serve as faculty advisor for Sociology Club/AKD, Spectrum and the Native American Student Council. Having grown up in coastal southern California, I’ve spent my adulthood in the intermountain west making up for lost winters, and now am happily settled into the spectacular Gunnison Valley. I find joy in family, friends, cooking, reading, cycling, skiing, running, climbing and other pursuits.

Deviance, Introduction to Sociology, Sociological Theory, The Family, Quantitative Research Methods, Self & Society, Social Problems, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Sexualities and American Indians in Sociological Perspective.

Applied Research:
Before coming to Western, I taught at Colorado State University in Fort Collins and briefly at Regis University in Denver. I also have worked as Researcher for OMNI Inc. and as researcher for various projects funded by the National Science Foundation, the United Way, the University of California and many others. My applied research has ranged from conducting interviews and focus groups among homeless youth in Denver, to classroom observations of kindergarteners as they interact with science exhibits, to in-depth interviews with environmental activists and high-level bureaucrats at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. Back in 2009 I served on a steering committee for the Economic Prosperity and Poverty Reduction Task Force convened by members of the state legislature of Colorado, and have been involved with community-level initiatives including Pathways Past Poverty funded by The United Way of Larimer County.

Academic research:
My research has been in the areas of symbolic interactionism, the sociology of education, life-course stratification and survival analysis with longitudinal survey data. Two of my recent peer-reviewed journal publications are:

  • Aronson, M. and S. Bialostok. 2016. “’Do Some Wondering’: Children and Their Self-Understanding Selves in Early Elementary Classrooms.” Symbolic Interaction 39(2).
  • Bialostok, S. and M. Aronson. 2016. “Making Emotional Connections in the Age of Neoliberalism.” Ethos 44(2).