Lynn Sikkink

Lynn Sikkink

Professor of Anthropology


B.A., University of Colorado, Anthropology, 1981, M.A., University of Minnesota, Anthropology, 1988, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Anthropology, 1994


Major: Economics, Environment & Sustainability

Graduation Year: 2020

For which course(s) are you the Supplemental Instructor? Economics 216: Statistics for Business and Economics

Why should someone attend one of your SI sessions? SI Sessions for Econ 216 are helpful for all students in reviewing concepts taught in class in a more informal study session with peers. We cover all topics and problems from the course so students are welcome to join at any point throughout the semester. As an Economics major, I am familiar with how these concepts apply to high level courses and in real-world applications and I hope to bring these examples into my sessions.

What is your favorite thing about the course(s) you’re leading? Statistics for Business and Economics with Dr. Sally Hays is a great introduction to data analysis and helpful for understanding several different real-world phenomena. This course allowed me to be successful in my upper-division Economics courses and I enjoy helping students understand the connections and applications from this course to all areas of study.