Isaac Rominger

Isaac Rominger

Supplemental Instruction Leader


Major: Mathematics

Graduation Year: 2021

For which course(s) are you the Supplemental Instructor? Calculus III – M252

Why should someone attend one of your SI sessions? Calculus III Supplemental Instruction is an excellent way to solidify the topics learned in class, find study groups and better prepare for exams. Additionally, a good foundation in Calculus gives us the opportunity to not only better understand the field but to explore and have fun with the content learned. It is great for those who are very proficient already and those students who aren’t as confident. Everyone can benefit from more practice!

What is your favorite thing about the course(s) you’re leading? Calculus III provides a window to better understand the logic behind formulas learned in many different fields. The coolest aspect of the topic is how visually appealing it can be. The tools learned in the course allow us to create art in the form of multidimensional models ranging from what could be considered abstract art to realistic representations of mountainous and canyon ridden landscapes.