Emily Eads

Emily Eads

Emily Eads


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How did you discover Western?

After applying to 12 schools across the country and visiting most of them, my parents finally convinced me to tour Western! My parents loved the location and community, and after learning more about it, I fell in love with the same things, and much more.

What are some of the highlights of your time at Western?

Since I have been at Western, I have built relationships with my peers and professors that I never thought possible during a typical college experience. I have stepped into multiple leadership roles and expanded my comfort zone quite a bit by becoming more involved around the campus and larger Gunnison community. I am a part of two honor societies for both of my majors, service organizations, and currently hold three on campus jobs. Of course, I have made amazing friends at Western that I know will be a significant part of my life for many years!

What most excites you about your major?

Every time I walk into a class, I feel so excited and inspired. I know that my two areas of study, English and Politics and Government, work very well together. My professors are some of the most outstanding humans I have ever met, so of course they keep me very interested and enthusiastic. My ultimate goals in life are to help other humans thrive and also work towards the betterment of society through political means. We live in a world where reading and political participation are essential, so I feel as though my majors are incredibly relevant and useful in terms of my post-graduate life. My current studies are preparing me well for the next big journey: graduate school!

What is your favorite thing about the Gunnison Valley?

My favorite thing about the Gunnison Valley, by far, is the amount of land to explore. I am a huge outdoor person, and I love to get outside as much as I can all year. I feel like no matter how long I stay in the Valley, I will never see all the beauty! I also love the community. The friendships and familiar faces extend beyond campus into the town, so wherever you go, you will be appreciated and welcomed by all.