David Hopp

David Hopp

Supplemental Instruction Leader


Major: Wildlife Biology and Biochemistry

Graduation Year: 2022

For which course(s) are you the Supplemental Instructor? Biology 150

Why should someone attend one of your SI sessions? My sessions provide a space that encourage questioning. In my opinion asking questions is the most important part of learning. Biology is a very visual topic and I think I do a good job of helping students visualize the content. Allowing students to visualize and connect content to their real life takes the information from the very abstract to the more manageable.

What is your favorite thing about the course(s) you’re leading? Biology 150 is certainly a very challenging course but it forms the basis of all biology. The information taught in the course is foundational to any other biology class that students might take afterwards. Helping students get a strong base of biological thinking can affect their entire education if they continue with biology. This course is also very interesting because students learn about processes like photosynthesis and reproduction which dictate life as we know it.