Conor Dawson

Conor Dawson

EPIC Mentor



Graduation Year



Major in Biology with an emphasis in Pre-Medicine

How did you discover Western?

Growing up in Gunnison, I knew about Western almost my whole life. I have heard good things about Western from locals and the degree path I was interested in had good things too. I also enjoy having smaller class sizes and when I was deciding between my top choices for college, Western was best suited for my criteria.

What are some of the highlights of your time at Western?

Being a first year and having COVID restrictions, I have not had many large highlights. Although, with the time I have been here, I really enjoy the intimacy within classes because of the small sizes. I also have enjoyed the amount of student voice that there is in the campus. This has helped me feel more comfortable on campus, and proud to be a part of Western and the Western community.

What most excites you about your major?

I am excited to learn more science and specifics in fields that I have not explored. I am also excited to meet and work with others that have a similar interest and passion that I do. Having the goal of going to Veterinary school, my major also excites me to learn more about how animals function in a biological sense.

What is your favorite thing about the Gunnison Valley?

My favorite thing about the Gunnison Valley is how many different activities someone can do in the valley. I enjoy many activities including, boating, hunting, rodeo, fishing, mountain biking and many more. The valley has allowed me to preform and enjoy these activities. I also enjoy that there are many like-minded people within the Gunnison Valley, so it is fun and easy to find people to enjoy these activities.