Multicultural Center


Amigos – Latin American Culture Club at Western


Amigos promotes Latin American culture and works to establish positive feelings toward Latin Americans, both on campus and in the Gunnison community. Most importantly, Amigos provides an atmosphere where members, regardless of age, ethnicity and gender, are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Meetings: Every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. in the Multicultural Center (University Center 122)


  • Carnaval is one of the major cultural events sponsored by the Amigos. This celebration has its historical beginnings in the Latin culture. The most common interpretation of Carnaval is that it was introduced to the Brazilians in 1723 by the Portuguese. Carnaval derives from the Latin word meaning “goodbye to flesh”, which refers to the forty days of lent. This time is particularly for Christians and Roman Catholics, it is a time where meat is not eaten and it is replaced by fish, eggs and other foods that do not include meat. The traditional colors of Carnaval are Purple, which represents wealth and prestige, Gold, which represents the Earth and all the blessings therein, and finally Green, which represents a new beginning. Bright colors are replaced by dark colored clothing and there can be no partying during the Lenton season, thus the need for a huge celebration prior to Lent.Nowadays Carnaval is celebrated by people everywhere to have fun and indulge on all the things they want before Lent. The first recorded Masquerade Carnaval was held in 1840. Carnaval is celebrated for three days in Brazil. The Brazilians select a person to represent King Momus which in the Greek mythology he is the God of mockery and ridicule.The masks used for Carnaval served as a disguise for people as protection from evil spirits wandering around. It also serves as a disguise for individuals so that friends and relatives wouldn’t recognize them.
  • Now in its 20th year, Haunted House is hosted every October and has been populated by Ghosts, Vampires, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Man or even Demons.
  • The Tamale Sale Amigos’ largest fundraiser of the year. They sell more than 200 dozen tamales each year to the faculty, staff, students and community members.

Club Officers

President: Andres Almeida
Vice President: Maria Alvarez Juarez
Secretary: Angel de la Cruz
Treasurer: Dalia Alejandre