Event Planning Checklist

  • What do you hope to accomplish?
  • What population will your event or activity attract?
  • Does the event reflect your group’s mission? If not, what are some downfalls or benefits to this?
  • Would this event benefit Western’s interests? Is the community encouraged to attend?
  • Is this a social event or a fundraising event?
  • Will you be asking community organizations to donate items or sponsor the event?
  • Does this event have any safety concerns? Should you contact Risk Management before proceeding?

  • What other events are going on this week? Is there a conflict?
  • Does this date give you enough time to plan and/or fundraise?
  • Can you get a room on your desired date? Room reservations are made here –
  • For outdoor events, be sure to also reserve an indoor space in case of inclement weather!
  • Consider your Audio/Visual needs

  • Is the event cost effective? If it is a fundraising event, will it yield a desirable profit?
  • If costs are too high, could you collaborate with another Department?
    • How much is each group willing to give of their budgets toward the event?  How much of the profit is each group entitled to?
    • Create a written agreement about which group will take on specific responsibilities and costs.
  • Are there any grants available and do you have enough time to apply?
  • As you continue planning your event, make sure you secure all entertainment contracts, keep all receipts, etc.

Having food?

  • You are required to work with Sodexo, our campus dining provider, or request an exemption no later than one week prior to the event date.
  • Are you having any food donated?

Bringing an entertainer/speaker/musician to campus?

  • Do they have a contract that needs to be reviewed and signed? If so, please present it to the Inter Club Council Director.
  • Complete a Check Request Form early (no later than two weeks prior to the event date) so payment can be ready on the day of the show.

Showing a movie?

  • Have you purchased the necessary public viewing rights to be able to show the movie?

Having a raffle or giving away prizes at the event?

  • There are many IRS, State of Colorado and FLC policies that must be followed. Come talk the ICC Director about what’s possible.

  • What methods are you going to use to advertise?
    • Tabling in the University
    • Facebook and other social media sites
    • Hang posters around campus
    • Word of mouth – ask your professors to make an announcement in class!
  • When are you going to start advertising?
  • How much money are you willing to allocate for advertising?

  • Make sure the event is properly staffed and everyone knows their job, where they’re supposed to be, and when.
  • Arrive early to set up and meet your audience.

  • Clean up appropriately, return any rented/borrowed items.
  • Evaluate your event and decide what needs to be improved in the future.
  • Reconcile all financial records
  • Send thank you cards.