Title IX/Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Policies

Covid-19 Related Violations

Covid-19 Related Violations

  • Please complete this form if you or a colleague witnessed any student violations of the COVID-19 Protocols and Expectations for Students. Anyone can file a report, including community members.

    Do not use this form to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response. If you require immediate assistance related to a COVID-19 violation, please contact Shelby Schuppe, 970.943.2616 (O) or 970.901.0235 (C).

    If other, please describe:
  • Information about the incident

  • (Please provide as much information about the individuals as possible. Helpful information includes their name or organization, role, and relationship to the incident. If you do not know the individual who engaged in behavior potentially violating our COVID-19 Protocols and Expectations, please still provide as much information as possible below to ensure Western is able to track incidents of misconduct.)
  • (Helpful information includes the location, date and time, what transpired, etc.)
  • (Please indicate whether the incident occurred online or in a physical location.)
  • (If the incident happened on campus, please indicate the building or hall in which it took place.)
    If other, how?
    If other, how?
  • Please attach available photos, video, email, and other supporting documents below.
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