Wilderness Based Orientation

COVID-19 Procedures

COVID-19 Procedures

Students successfully registered for WBO will receive a required packing list, which includes COVID-19 materials.

We will conduct health screenings for participants upon arrival each day – checking temperatures and symptoms each day.

Each day, there will be structured gear checkouts in the AM and check-ins in the PM.

Food procedures – Food will be prepared for participants by instructors and all kitchenware and stoves will be properly sanitized every night. At breakfast, each participant will receive packed lunches for their day prepared by instructors according to dietary restrictions.

Gear and vans will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day.

Frequent hand sanitation efforts will be made throughout the day, in the field and with meals.

Face coverings will be required during van rides, when indoors and in large group gatherings.

Participants will be kept in groups of no more than 10 in compliance with Gunnison County as well as Gunnison Outfitter and Guide County requirements

If any participant has been in contact with someone who is ill or is experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19, please contact wbo@western.edu or (970) 943-2290.

*We highly recommend participants shower daily to maintain a general level of cleanliness throughout the week.