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Music Program

Honor Band Festival

2020 Audition Information

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2020 All-Colorado Honor Band Audition Materials

2020 Audition Materials (Same as the Colorado All-State material):


  • Chromatic scale of your choice: 2 octaves, in 8th notes, quarter-note = 80
  • Must be played by memory on woodwinds, brass and mallets, legato up and down
  • No major or minor scales are required for the All-Colorado Honor Band


Will be drawn from the following readily available books. Students proficient on more than one instrument within the same family (flute/piccolo, oboe/English horn, high clarinet/low clarinet, all the saxophones, trombone/euphonium, etc.) are strongly encouraged to audition on each instrument, using separate audition forms.


  • Köhler – 25 Romantic Etudes for Flute, Op. 66 (Kalmus)
    • p. 17, No. 16 – all (quarter note = 96-112)
  • Andersen – 24 Etudes for the Flute, Op. 33 (C. Fischer)
    • p. 19, No. 19, beginning through line 5 [no repeats, take first ending] (quarter note= 63]

Oboe/English Horn

  • Voxman – Selected Studies (Rubank)
    • p.9, first 12 measures (quarter-note = 95-100)
    • p.29, first 5 lines (eighth-note = 72)


  • Voxman-Gower – Advanced Method, Vol. 1 (Rubank)
    • p.43, No.7, all [no repeats] (quarter-note = 120)
    • p.53, No. 29, all [no repeats] (dotted-quarter-note = 63)

High Clarinet

  • Rose – 32 Etudes (C. Fischer)
    • p.7, No. 6, m. 1 – 18 (quarter-note = 120)
    • p.17, No. 17, m. 1 – 9 (eighth-note = 80)


  • Rose – 32 Etudes for Clarinet (C. Fischer) Revised Edition
    • p.10, No. 6, m. 1 – 18 (quarter-note = 120)
    • p. 21, No. 17, m. 1 – 9 (eighth-note = 80)

Low Clarinet

  • Weissenborn/Rhoads – Advanced Studies (Southern)
    • p.15, No.19, all, no repeats (quarter-note = 138)
    • p. 15, No. 20, all (quarter-note = 52)


  • Voxman – Selected Studies (Rubank)
    • p. 16, beginning through 6th line, bar 2 [23 bars total] (dotted quarter-note = 40)
    • p. 26-27, beginning through 17th bar of p. 27 (quarter note = 200)


  • Snedecor – Lyrical Etudes (PAS Music)
    • p. 5 Etude IV , beginning to measure before letter B [downbeat] (opening tempo as marked, m. 9, quarter-note = 100)
    • p. 24-25 Etude XVII, letter B to letter C (quarter-note = 138-160)


  • Langey – Carl Fischer Tutor for French Horn (Carl Fischer), or free download
    • p. 84, #12, beginning to the second beat of measure 29. (*eighth note = no more than 86)
    • p. 70, #1 to the downbeat of 44. (*quarter note = ~90-112)

*Both etudes are expected to be musical and not rigidly metronomic. The student should select tempos that present the music at the best for their level of technical and expressive skill.


  • Voxman – Selected Studies for Trombone (Rubank)
    • p.14, m.1-24, downbeat (quarter-note = 126)
    • p.4, m.1-16 (quarter-note = 76)

[Treble-clef baritone must either transpose these etudes or play the trumpet etudes]

Bass Trombone

  • Ostrander – Method for Bass Trombone (C. Fischer)
    • p.32, No. 16, pickup m.1-32 (quarter-note = 120)


  • Sheridan – Performance Studies for Tuba (De Haske)
    • p. 8 (“Badinerie”), beginning to 2nd measure of 2nd system on p. 9 (quarter note = 92)
    • p. 30 (“Two Sides of the Same Coin”), start at pickup to 4th measure of the 3rd system, stop at end of the 1st line on p. 31 (quarter note = 88)

Percussion (You must audition in all three areas and on the music listed below.)

  • Mallets: Whaley – Recital Pieces for Mallets (J.R. Publications)
    • p. 30 [Corrente] all [no repeats] (quarter note = 54-60)
  • Snare Drum: Cirone – Portraits in Rhythm (Belwin-Mills)
    • [All rolls in concert style – multiple bounce]
    • p. 7, No. 5, all (quarter-note = 112)
  • Timpani: Whaley – Musical Studies for the Intermediate Timpanist (J.R. Publications)
    • p. 27, all (half-note = 92) [last measure of the second line, play rhythms as indicated, make the measure a 4/2 bar]

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