M.S. in Ecology

Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, Internationalization and Justice (DEIIJ)

Our commitment to removing systemic barriers to inclusion within the ecological community.

As scientists, we critically think about the natural world so that we can begin to understand the complexity of nature. The pursuit of this understanding should not be inhibited by one’s race, disability, sex, gender, sexual orientation, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, religion or belief, ethnicity, education, economic status, employment, nationality, background, and physical or mental ability.

The scientific discipline of Ecology should be accessible to all those who want to learn. For far too long, structural and societal inequalities have plagued our academic institutions and research programs driving systemic barriers to inclusion within the ecological community. Not all those who desire to pursue ecology can do so because of these barriers. As scientists, we must be committed to removing systemic barriers to inclusion that prevent the full participation of historically under-represented people in our profession and society. Systemic racism and other prejudices weaken us as individuals and limit us as a community of scientists; therefore, we pledge to confront it with anti-discriminatory policies and progressive actions. We will do this through implementing DEIIJ actions in our program that are informed by the best available science on how to do this effectively, as well as a deep desire to treat each other with respect, equity and love.