Tim Brower

Tim Brower

Director, Partnership Program


Ph.D., Colorado State University, Civil Engineering/Space-Related Fluid Mechanics
M.S., Montana State University, Mechanical Engineering
B.S., Idaho State University, General Engineering


Tim L. Brower is currently the Director of the University of Colorado Boulder in Partnership with Western Colorado University and Colorado Mesa University. Before becoming the director of the partnership, he was a professor and Chair of the Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering and Technology Department at Oregon Institute of Technology. While in Oregon, he served as the Affiliate Director for Project Lead the Way-Oregon and Assistant Director of Oregon Space Grant. Dr. Brower has served in the position of the assistant CIEC ETD Program Chair in 2005 and Program Chair in 2006. He was the assistant vice-chair for ASEE Annual Programs in 2007 and Program Chair in 2008. In another life, he worked as an Aerospace Engineer with the Lockheed Martin Corporation in Denver. He is an active member of ASEE, ASME and AIAA. Representing ASME, Brower has served as a Program Evaluator for ABET for the past 10-plus years. He is currently on the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission and serves a Program Chair for ABET visits.

What are some of the highlights of your career?

In industry, I was a rocket scientist for Lockheed Martin and on the team that launched the TIV rocket. In academia, bringing Project Lead the Way to Oregon was a high point. Currently, acting as a team chair for ETAC of ABET and visiting many schools across the country and Middle East has been very rewarding.

What most excites you about your field?

Having students find gainful employment.

What is your favorite thing about the Gunnison Valley?

I like the skiing and outdoor activities available.

Courses Taught

  • Thermodynamics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Professionalism Seminar
  • Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
  • Dynamics
  • Statics
  • Mechanics of Solids
  • Advanced Fluid Mechanics
  • Vibrations


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Dr. Brower authored more than 300 technical reports while tenured at the Lockheed Martin Corporation. These reports cover a broad cross-section of subjects including wind tunnel tests, data analysis, theoretical development of new analysis methodologies and computational fluid dynamic studies. Titles of these reports are available upon request.

External Professional Affiliations

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), senior member
American Society of Engineering Educators (ASEE), member
Program Chair, 2006 Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration, San Antonio, Texas.
Assistant Vice Chair for Programs for the 2007 ASEE Annual Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Program Chair, 2008 ASEE Annual Conference in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), member
Committee on Engineering Technology Accreditation, 2012-present, Chair 2017-present
ABET Engineering Technology Accreditation Commissioner, 2014-present
ASME ABET Program Evaluator, 2004 – present.
Mechanical Engineering Technology Department Heads Committee, Secretary (05-06), Vice Chair (06-07), Chair (07-08).