Ryan Barnhouse

Ryan Barnhouse

Ryan Barnhouse


How did you discover Western?

I knew that I wanted to attend a university that had easy access to the outdoors so I did a quick Google search for the best small outdoor universities in the country and Western popped up. After doing some more research on Western, I found that the Exercise and Sport Science program was great and that was enough to get me to visit. I fell in love with the campus after my first visit.

What are some of the highlights of your time at Western?

I love how students on campus have a voice and are more than just a number. This has lead to some of the highlights of my experience. I was able to apply for a $4,000 grant to have standing and active desks put up around campus. With the support of some faculty I had become close with, I was able to get those desks into different academic buildings, and it was great knowing that I was able to make a difference on campus. I also really love all of the events that go on weekly, such as games on Taylor Lawn like Spikeball, campus Frisbee and Trivia Nights.

What most excites you about your major?

As an Exercise and Sport Science major, I have had the opportunity to participate and help with the Wellness Elevated Program. Wellness Elevated is an evidence based exercise program for people living in the Gunnisons Valley with clinical conditions. This is such a great opportunity because I am able to work with clients and get hands-on experience that is preparing me for my future in the health field.

What is your favorite thing about the Gunnison Valley?

The people. I have never been somewhere where the people are more kind and welcoming than this valley. Everywhere I go in town or up the mountain, I have great conversations with genuine people who don’t seem like strangers because they are so kind and they want to get to know you. It is an incredible place to go school and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.