Michiko Jo Arai

Michiko Jo Arai

Senior Lecturer in English
Taylor Hall 225B


M.A., University of Colorado
B.A., Western Colorado University



I began teaching at Western in 1995-96. I taught Grammar classes. From 1996-2000, I worked at Gunnison High School teaching Senior and Junior English, Yearbook, and the newspaper. I started the GHS Books for Lunch group. From 2000-present, back at Western teaching English, and I have served as the Director of the Writing Center. I have taught literature, Gender Roles Across Cultures, Women and Literature, as well as writing courses, Technical Writing and Academic Writing. As the Director of the WC, I teach two Honors courses in writing and tutoring.

Publications and Scholarship

  • In 1995, I presented at the Colorado Language Arts Society Conference in Colorado Springs alongside Dr. Zelda Rouillard and Dr. Marta Coleman. I also presented solo in 2005.
  • Rocky Mountain Peer Tutoring Conference, Weber State University, 2003. I presented a paper on tutoring students with learning disabilities.
  • I advised my student tutors presented at the Colorado Tutoring Conference in Colorado Springs 2004.
  • Raised funds for 8 students to attend the Colorado Language Arts Society Conference in Colorado Springs, 2005-6.
  • Attended the 4 C’s conference in New York in March 2006.