Jeshurun Small

Jeshurun Small

Supplemental Instruction Leader


Major: Chemistry

Graduation Year: May 2020

For which course(s) are you the Supplemental Instructor? Organic Chemistry, CHEM 332

Why should someone attend one of your SI sessions? My passion is organic chemistry and I love to teach the topic. I design a session that benefits everyone’s different skill levels. It is an open, collaborative environment that will boost your understanding of organic chemistry.

What is your favorite thing about the course(s) you’re leading? Organic chemistry is the study of carbon; thus, it is also the study of everything you can do with carbon. In other words, my favorite part of the course is learning the different methods of synthesizing molecules. By the end of the course, a student understands the bases of organic chemistry that they can use during their academic careers. That is my favorite thing about organic chemistry.