Berlin Van Ness

Berlin Van Ness

Supplemental Instruction Leader


Major: Biology

Graduation Year: 2021

For which course(s) are you the Supplemental Instructor? Chemistry 111

Why should someone attend one of your SI sessions? Chem 1 can be a difficult class with minimal resources for help outside of SI. SI provides a welcoming place to work with course material without the student having to prepare anything on their behalf. It’s easy, free and free of judgment. SI allows a student to create an academic network and build on study skills and techniques with their peers which will benefit them throughout college and not just in the specific SI course. For some students SI is the difference between a letter grade. For others it’s changed their whole career in higher education. Both are high rewards in my eyes especially for a resource that is free and specifically catered to the student.

What is your favorite thing about the course(s) you’re leading? Chemistry is very interesting in general! Things that you have observed about the world begin to make sense. General chemistry builds the foundation for understanding upper division courses in chemistry and also biology and physics and other scientific specialties and even beyond that. If nothing else chemical reactions are cool. Making new things with the help of crazy chemicals and fire almost never disappoints. The best part about leading this course is helping my peers understand chemistry enough to enjoy all of the cool moving parts on their own!