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Indirect Cost Incentive Award

Indirect Cost Incentive Award

Recovered Indirect Costs will be distributed between the Indirect Cost Recovery Fund and the principle investigator’s (PI) or program director’s (PD) department. A program has been established at Western to distribute recovered indirect costs between the participating department or program and OSP.

For indirect cost recovery of up to $20,000 on a grant award, 50 percent will be distributed to the department or program budget. The portion of indirect cost recovery that exceeds $20,000 will be distributed to the PI’s/PD’s department or program at a rate of 5 percent. A portion of the remaining funds is set aside as an incentive for professional activity and future grant writing.

The calculation of Indirect Cost Incentive Funds to be allocated to the department or program is based on the total indirect costs recovered for the project, regardless of the length of the granting period. These funds are allocated as reimbursed by the funder.

Grant Submission Incentive Program

This incentive program is subsidized by the Indirect Cost Recovery Fund. The Indirect Cost Incentive Award provides for the distribution of a portion of recovered indirect costs (sometimes known as facilities and administration costs) to employees as an incentive for submission of grants. Funds can be used for professional activity and future grant activity. Employees must submit a request for incentive award when they are submitting internal tracking sheet. This incentive award will be allocated on a case-by-case basis under the following guidelines:

  • Grants up to $10,000 are eligible for an award up to $250
  • Grants $10,001 – $49,999 are eligible for an award up to $500
  • Grants $50,000 and above are eligible for an award up to $1000


The intent of the incentive program is to encourage the writing of grants to state and federal agencies as well as philanthropic foundations which further the mission of the institution and contribute to the whole student experience at Western. The incentive grant money is to be used for the furthering of the applicant’s professional development.


The Incentive Award is independent of whether the grant for which the faculty or staff member applied was awarded. All faculty and staff employed at Western under Academic Affairs at the time of submission of a grant application are eligible, provided they would use the grant money on a project while employed at Western. In addition, each applicant must abide by the rules set forth for submission to include all paperwork and time frames established in the incentive program as outlined in the link below.

The Vice President of Academic Affairs approves all incentive awards based on the criteria described above; please note that awards can only be disbursed provided funds are available in the designated budget line.

Contact the Director of Sponsored Programs for questions or assistance in completing the application process. Please submit the application at the same time the Internal Tracking Sheet is submitted for approval.