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Investing in College Pays Off

Investing in College Pays Off

With the rising costs of college tuition, people are beginning to question if investing in college is really worth it. Based on reports from the Colorado Department of Education, obtaining a 4-year degree really does pay off, and not just in your future paychecks, but in less visible ways that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

College Remains a Good Financial Investment for Coloradans

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree remains a smart financial decision, according to a new report from the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

Colorado Rises: Maximizing Value for Students and our State examines median earnings after one, five, and 10 years for Coloradans who have earned a postsecondary credential in seven program groups. A decade out, graduates earn a median income of $60,000 for bachelor’s degrees. In addition to wage data, the inaugural volume explores how tuition prices, debt, choice, and value affect a student’s overall trajectory.

Increased Tuition Makes Investing in College Harder, or So You Think

“We know going to college or technical school is a weighty decision for students and families,” Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said. “The robust data shows that it’s worth it. Knowing how much you are likely to earn helps Coloradans choose the right education pathway that harnesses their unique talent and aptitudes. It also helps us hold ourselves accountable as we look to reduce costs and increase the value of higher education.”

Although average tuition has increased since the recession, close to 72% of students at Colorado four-year universities receive a mix of federal, state, and institutional aid that enables those from low- and middle-income families to attend for low cost or even tuition-free.

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Western’s Financial Aid Opportunities Make Investing in College Feasible

At Western Colorado University, 80% of students receive some form of financial aid, making investing in college that much easier of a choice. The report also found the proportion of Colorado undergraduate students who take on debt, as well as the average amount, has leveled off at four-year colleges.

If you are searching for a college that is affordable and right for your life’s goals and ambitions, we invite you to learn more about Western. With our wide variety of undergraduate programs and degrees, you’ll have the opportunity to achieve academic excellence and build the character and leadership you’ll need to succeed in the ever-changing and exciting world. Our financial aid department helps you with your tuition and costs and we even offer career services to help Western students achieve their career goals.

Manage the Cost of Education with Western’s Financial Aid Opportunities