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Politics and Government Club

Mission Statement

A. To provide an opportunity for interested students to learn more about politics and facilitate leadership skills. B. To allow interested students to become involved with this community and region in a deeper level through community service, hosting events for students and community members, and promoting civic engagement, including registering students to vote. C. To allow students to confront the difficult question of politics as well as to develop more coherent understandings of the political climate the United States is currently in, and make informed decisions on bills and policies that will affect their future. D. To be a setting where students gain skills that will help them become more comfortable discussing difficult topics, such as opposing political beliefs, current news, and contentious issues while displaying civility, respect and open-mindedness.

Club Information

Executive Board Members

Spencer Shiplett


Hannah White

Vice President

Andy Convington

Vice President

Liz Currie


Club Meeting times

First and Third Thursday of each month, Kelley 201, 12:30-1:30pm