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Faculty and staff support students’ career development.

Career Services aims to support every Western student in achieving their career of choice upon graduation. We’d love to collaborate with you to incorporate career development efforts into course curricula, co-curricular engagement or classroom presentations. We’re always open to hearing about how we can continually improve the path to career preparedness.

Words of advice

Western staff discuss career options with a student.

Resources for faculty & staff

Western’s Career Services office supports students and recent alumni at all levels of career development. We work with students individually and in group settings to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills to envision, plan and execute successful internship and job searches. We partner with employers, faculty and the community to provide events, advising and networking opportunities so that every Mountaineer is prepared to launch a meaningful career upon graduation.

Ways faculty and staff can support students’ career development

Faculty are one of the most influential groups on a student’s career development process. University staff often have the most regular contact with many students, especially those who work on campus. Here are some ideas on how you can effectively support your students’ career development during their time at Western.

Help students to get involved on campus. Students who are actively engaged in co-curricular pursuits on campus are more likely to succeed academically, develop valuable interpersonal skills and boost their resumes.

Give students feedback. An important part of the career development process is personal development and self-understanding. Share your students’ strengths with them and offer constructive feedback in a timely manner.

Grow students’ networks. Help students connect with alumni, colleagues, community members and other students who may share similar interests or different perspectives. Invite students to connect with you and encourage them to connect with other faculty and staff.

Encourage students to visit Career Services early in college. Students who interact with Career Services during college are more likely to land a job quickly after graduation, to make a higher salary and to refer future students to the institution.

Guide students toward valuable experience. Internships and community engagement lead to stronger professional networks, improved town-gown relationships, better student outcomes and a sharpened career focus. Help students find and secure these opportunities early and often.

Support Career Services. We offer many services, resources and events throughout the year, and we depend on the support of faculty and staff across campus to engage students, provide quality advice and achieve student career outcomes after graduation.

Partner with Us

You have the students–we have the resources! Career Services looks forward to working with Western faculty and staff to meet the career development needs of your students.

  • Include Career Services’ contact information on your course syllabi.
  • Invite us to conduct workshops on a variety of topics for classes or student groups. Topics include resume and cover letter development, interviewing skills, job and internship search, social media presence and more. Contact us to discuss how we can help!
  • Encourage students to participate in Career Services events. Faculty may have opportunities to work in related content to course curricula or offer extra credit for event participation.
  • Refer students to Career Services for individual career advising and resources.
  • Let us know about alumni and colleagues who are interested in presenting on campus or serving in mentoring roles to students.
  • Keep us posted about students of your who have secured internships, externships and jobs.
  • Engage your students and advisees actively in conversations about their career interests, goals and preparation.
  • Sponsor a table at the annual Professional Development Dinner and encourage your network to participate in a career fair as an employer.

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